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this could play an important part in reducing power-plant CO2 emissions
great idea for reducing the up-front cost of solar installations
i don't care whether hydrogen fuel is too inefficient for use in transportation, this is damn good research
although i hate the way this bill got passed, i love incentives for renewable energy projects... we have to invest in our future
outstanding work: "Free-piston engines could be used to generate electricity as efficiently as, and less expensively than, fuel cells. " the simplicity is impressive. also see diagram at:
" economic theory known as "Dutch Disease" holds that natural resource wealth can inhibit the development of other sectors by skewing wages. In contrast, resource-poor countries must give their citizens a certain amount of economic freedom in order to create a living for themselves, developing human capital in order to create value."
i'm in favor. like incandescent lightbulbs, wall-warts shouldn't be banned, but we can gain efficiency by replacing a lot of them
Court Rewards Exxon for Valdez Oil Spill

"In today's ruling, Supreme Court Justice David Souter wrote that Exxon's recklessness was ''profitless'' - so the company shouldn't have to pay punitive damages." (the $5 billion in punitive damages awarded by the jury)

hmm :((
:( yikes! yet another raw material hits up against limited supply

sounds like it's time to do a complete inventory of our resource usage and availability, conservation and recycling strategies. is anyone on that already??

lifted from arielh85
what an expensive way to plug the coal industry. we need a more efficient way to process the actual arguments put before congress, to make them public much earlier in the process and keep "advertising" from wasting the time of the government. although... re: lightbulbs, i do think incentives would be a much better choice than a ban.

fascinating description of the politics of the early electricity industry, plus eye-opening insights into so-called deregulation and recent electric-utility problems in california
come on people. we need to create serious economic consequences in order to incentivize environmentally-sustainable energy sources, products & services. history shows that no amount of whining or scientific evidence is going to do it -- only the money matters. regardless of whether "global warming" is later proven correct, this momentum is a tremendous opportunity to make strides that will benefit all of humanity
facts and figures about the energy-cost and efficiency of nuclear power. i like the idea of holding civilized arguments in areas of contention such as this (see bottom of page)
venter is determined to solve some of our biggest problems, using genetic engineering
don't worry -- now that information like this is all over the internet, it's only a matter of time until the problem is solved.
nice... is this how those self-winding watches work

burns fuel oil... but at 50% efficiency! compared to 25% for a regular-size engine
cool homemade electric go-kart... but i feel sorry for this guy's neighbors

Energy: proved oil reserves (in 1000 million barrels).

why do i get the feeling the top part of this list is driving U.S. foreign policy
wow, water supply and energy production rely heavily on each other. from the page: "Running a hot water faucet for five minutes is the equivalent of burning a 60-watt light bulb for 14 hours," Gleick said. "Maybe the best way to save energy is to save hot water."
great talk by craig venter on his genetic-engineering efforts
arrgh, we still have all this old toxic crap to clean up
this might also explain why the u.s. has such an interest in... certain countries
what tofuball said -- interesting comments on this one
fascinating theory re: motivation for attacking iraq... this demands further study. on a related note, i wonder how those cut underwater internet cables are doing?
good idea for diy wind energy generation; HalfBakery itself is a fun repository of humorous/odd/cool ideas