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check out those cool molecular models behind them :)
Rick Smalley's vision was of a worldwide "internet" of electric energy distribution, making solar and wind power much more useful
we should probably just start reducing energy availability (e.g., allow successive price increases through gradual elimination of subsidies), and let the other factors adjust themselves
don't worry -- now that information like this is all over the internet, it's only a matter of time until the problem is solved.
great example of how a little extra planning saves a lot of valuable time and energy
Thomas Gold's theory about the ongoing creation of oil from deep within the earth is not science fiction -- some might call it wishful thinking. It does remain to be proven.
energy from a radioactive source emitting beta particles (electrons)
How to Build a Tower for a Chispito Wind Generator
an amazingly detailed and informative perspective on everyday energy use, and why banning "wall warts" is a lame idea (based only on the facts)
Letter from Nikola Tesla questioning why engineers haven't built a more-efficient, hybrid car yet... in 1904!!