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good music and excellent direction

this really speaks to me :)
an outstanding, must-see art piece. really incredible in person
it's unrealistic to expect an *idea* with no marketing resources behind it to "threaten" a product that is supported by a base of several million devoted customers and an enormous marketing and distribution program :-/
this is a beautiful kludge if i've ever seen one :)
i'm in favor. like incandescent lightbulbs, wall-warts shouldn't be banned, but we can gain efficiency by replacing a lot of them
it's Evil Mad Scientist Labs' 2 year anniversary! join me in congratulating them... and visit for a great year's roundup of mad science projects.
i'm with sparlo on this one. great pic! :D that's odd though... almost none of the men are working. hmm... :-/
sheesh, remember when devices were simple and friendly? like a watch: you put it on your wrist, and when you look at it, you see the current time.
one of my favorite pics from this set. how many horsepower??
has a really good section on diodes, and i'm checking out the rest. thanks to ar0cketman! :)
LED Watches. #5 is a nice design... few LEDs but still easy to read; eventually the big metal block will be phased out :)
fantastic 1950's product introduction; steve jobs couldn't have done it better

i love pixels... as a kid i literally spent hours looking at them :)
info on standard audio connectors, voltages, currents
i use this for the compilation of descriptions they've got... all sorts of electronic components are defined here
radio projects, homemade tubes (valves), earphones, electro-mechanical amplifiers, etc. cool stuff
Good idea, I'm going to try this.

Update: It works! I built the one-transistor amplifier on this page to boost the mic output up to line level for my Mac mini:
looks like a good use for a spare satellite dish (maybe you can get one on craigslist, like i did)
From the page: "eliminate cross conduction by forming back-to-back diodes with the body diodes of the MOSFETs".
I wonder if this technique has applications in class b or d audio amplifier design...
Manufacturer of electronics project boxes and accessories.
Really easy color-code finder... now I don't have to remember a thing :)
Thorough discussion of how to power computer microphones. Includes diagrams.
Tidy way to construct circuits without etching a PCB.
Great old silent film from AT&T, how to dial a phone! This new "technology" stuff is so complicated, I'll never get the hang of it... ;)
A physics textbook! There's math in here, but I like it anyway. :)
I'm posting this circuit diagram of an op-amp as abstract art (no, not op-art).

Good introduction to supercapacitor technology and its basic uses. Oh, and the picture below is a little joke.

Clever and delightful electronics projects