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very interesting... an exceptionally robust battery chemistry that has gone almost unused for 35 years
an analysis of several small fm transmitter circuits... this could be handy for a wind/solar powered slow-scan wireless camera :) lifted from technoshaman
"Inspectors Pictorial Reference"

NASA's standard for electrical work

"...provides full color visual examples of acceptance / rejection criteria which may be used for the design, manufacture and inspection of electrical / electronic equipment for high-reliability and space flight applications..."
really good introduction on where to salvage stepper motors and how to put them to work
cool, i wonder whether AM or FM is more energy efficient near 1MHz... for a low-voltage solar powered device
ooh, this looks good -- more pinouts, but in an easier to read format
The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk. a very neat idea
wow, heaploads of pinouts all in one place :O
such an ambitious project -- a homemade scanning tunneling electron microscope for around $100
i don't know whether or not these guys are reliable... but their pages are fun to read
this guy loves taking things apart and experimenting, which we get to vicariously enjoy
how to fix things... looks handy, i have an electric mixer than needs some fixing :)
Thorough discussion of how to power computer microphones. Includes diagrams.
Good introduction to supercapacitor technology and its basic uses. Oh, and the picture below is a little joke.