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very interesting... an exceptionally robust battery chemistry that has gone almost unused for 35 years
this is a beautiful kludge if i've ever seen one :)
the beginning of self-service telecommunications

it's Evil Mad Scientist Labs' 2 year anniversary! join me in congratulating them... and visit for a great year's roundup of mad science projects.
no matter what your walk of life, this modern marvel is worth seeing. some will laugh, some cry, and some rejoice :D via the inimitable xtine66
sheesh, remember when devices were simple and friendly? like a watch: you put it on your wrist, and when you look at it, you see the current time.
this must the most over-engineered spud gun ever. great technical walk-through though... full of good design ideas

sounds like the problems with lead-free solder are even worse than having the lead. yet another vote to keep lead-based solders.
yes... the next design needs a live camera, mic, and solar photovoltaics for power. so close... :)
one of my favorite pics from this set. how many horsepower??
has a really good section on diodes, and i'm checking out the rest. thanks to ar0cketman! :)
fantastic 1950's product introduction; steve jobs couldn't have done it better

Good idea, I'm going to try this.

Update: It works! I built the one-transistor amplifier on this page to boost the mic output up to line level for my Mac mini:
Manufacturer of electronics project boxes and accessories.
Really easy color-code finder... now I don't have to remember a thing :)
I'm posting this circuit diagram of an op-amp as abstract art (no, not op-art).

Clever and delightful electronics projects