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ha, a liberal arts college with their own nuclear reactor! :)
"Armed with a netbook, medical supplies and a bicycle, Bangladesh's InfoLadies are giving millions of poor people access to crucial information on their doorsteps that will improve their chances in life"

thank you, m3talsmith
here's an idea...

instead of paying huge amounts of money testing products for health and safety, why not have 14 year old kids do it as assignments for science class. some useful work can be accomplished in school yet :)
:) i've never seen so many cars passing by my house
plenty of controversy surrounding this work. i too think it's important to note that the author didn't go into his experiment with any accumulated debt... that makes a huge difference
how easily we forget... practically everything. thanks to ar0cketman for the find
maybe this is splitting hairs, but technically humans are not descended from apes :)
it's easy to get mixed up... this article reminded me how *much* more valuable experience is than facts. worth reading!
this makes a lot of sense... have you ever seen that homunculus with the gigantic hands (representing how much of the brain is associated with different parts of the body)
Great old silent film from AT&T, how to dial a phone! This new "technology" stuff is so complicated, I'll never get the hang of it... ;)
Glass Slipper
Sent in by moderntimes AND Smilesr4u. It's gorgeous... thanks Orla & Smiles !!