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wow, i'll have to read this post a few times to get all the meat out of it
interesting... i've just been told this is exactly what it's like living in the french economy
hmm, here's an interesting point of view
infographics: "Who is Getting Rich Off the iPhone?"
from the article:
"The second law encourages activities that consume free energy as soon as possible,” Annila said. “Therefore, there is the quest to increase productivity and throughput and to find new sources of energy. Moreover, the second law reveals that it is impossible to predict in detail the optimal course of energy utilization because the chosen course itself affects the choice for future actions. Therefore, it makes sense to favor statistically independent actions that open new opportunities to consume free energy, and likewise to regard the use of insider information as illegal since it narrows the choices."
fascinating observations about how development of cities leads economic progress
and maybe... beyond our current slavery to the dollar, is a quality of creativity and level of commitment that will be the next step in our sociological and economic evolution
common shareholders expecting short term gains from dumping their stock are a huge part of the problem, imo
*this* is how we re-assert our liberties. we can start paring down our government the second we stop making demands of it.
"Fed Pledges Top $7.4 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit"
printing this much cash will generate a bubble of unprecedented size.
this theory is really important... we'll see its application in economics and social networks in the coming decade.
interview with Nassim Taleb and Benoit Mandelbrot; what they're saying is quite worrisome

what a good-natured fella. this excellent show gives an easy-to-understand introduction to inflation and a great feet-to-the-fire roundtable discussion between friedman, politicians and fed chairmen about how to control it.
peter schiff correctly reads our national balance sheet, back in 2006

nah, humans are not rational. any theory that ignores this fact is too simple to work well under most conditions.
inflation: if you just keep printing money, this is what you get :(
an early warning about derivatives, published back in 1994. did we listen? heck no. snagged from stocktrader
Greenspan Concedes He 'Found a Flaw' in His Free-Market Ideology.

Yeah, he "overlooked" this:
interesting... i've heard that historically, politicians almost always choose inflation through printing more dollars, over allowing an unhindered correction. we'll see...
he's not talking about gold, he's talking about multiple competing currencies created as needed by market forces. the fed would never stand for this, but i think it's an interesting proposal
that was painful. hey... i've got an a idea: i'm gonna tag this as satire because of the preponderance of roughly equivalent ideas to "save the economy"
very, very interesting insider's view. thanks to xtine66 for forwarding :)
an assortment of interesting tidbits about the fed and how it works
excellent Moyers interview of George Soros about the financial crisis, and what may come next. thanks to xtine66 for sending it my way :D
dumping newly printed cash into the economy will create another bubble -- the money has to go somewhere in order to grow. so, get ready to hop on board the next wave... we have 5-7 years of bubble-inflation before the next one pops. the question is, where will the next bubble be... energy? food? a new healthcare industry?
Rich Nations Pushing for Joint Financial Rescue
"You now have the full faith and credit of the British government standing behind the banking system," said Barry Eichengreen, a professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley. "The British could suck deposits from continental Europe and even the United States."
cynical optimism, is there such a thing? or is it only sarcasm... (oh and about that page title, i can't believe i accidentally the whole depression)
i think we're right on track for this... a great boon to other countries' economies as ours deflates

economically, we're all being pruned. here's our opportunity to redirect new growth. thanks to xtine66 for the find.
it's good to remember that companies are a fabrication of human beings, and we can establish any rules we like to ensure business operates to the benefit of human beings. thanks to xtine66
From the page: ""We're all worried about losing our jobs," Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., declared in an impassioned speech in support of the bill before the vote."

this is an excellent turn of events: our representatives are worried about losing their jobs. let's keep holding our representatives responsible for their work!
all the founders seem to be worried about money taking over somehow. hmm...
the bursting of economic bubbles helps transfer property out of the common people's hands and into those of bankers. the dynamics of our debt-based monetary system make this is par for the course, and it may have been well planned. thanks to xtine66 for the find.
and those tax breaks to implement u.s. fiber infrastructure were all siphoned off as well :(
fantastic... an amazingly detailed account. a worthy read for any student of economics
this is a VERY interesting idea... concentrating consumer power to help businesses pay for "green" capital improvements

i haven't read the article yet, but this graph (if true) validates a suspicion i've been having: our productivity increases are being lost somehow :(

" economic theory known as "Dutch Disease" holds that natural resource wealth can inhibit the development of other sectors by skewing wages. In contrast, resource-poor countries must give their citizens a certain amount of economic freedom in order to create a living for themselves, developing human capital in order to create value."
wha? what happened??

Well here's one thing: Abandonment of gold standard, 1933: gold reserves no longer backed currency
ford on the u.s. economy. i think he was not kidding.
an interesting argument for developing alternative economic models... and quickly
this is so odd... the fall in the value of the dollar and speculation on oil... almost as if it were a plan to wean us off oil, bring jobs back into the country, and improve the trade deficit. but who would believe that??
good food for thought, thanks to aynrandfan

// i love the concept of profit -- producing more value than the sum total invested -- but the side effects of doing business have gotten us into an environmental and political mess. "capitalism" as a system seems to take a lot of the blame... but maybe the weak links are really: gauging profits only in dollars, ignoring the consequences of our businesses, and allowing money to have influence over public and national policy.
"The Great Depression of the 2010s"
// hmm, solid arguments for pessimism. unless..... the exponential rate of increasing productivity is greater than the rate of value being extracted from the economy. in that case (and someone may have carefully planned for this) we'll all miraculously be fine.
this sounds like good news to me. i do think economics dictates the conditions for environmentally-positive changes...
if the rising price of oil were a conspiracy, it sure looks like an effective means of getting businesses to become more efficient in their use of fuel and raw materials. did someone plan this? :)
this is because stock prices, dividends and market dominance are what we as corporate shareholders place value on. it's all in the structure we've set up for ourselves. we can improve things by changing that structure.
i wonder what the u.s. economy would be like if we kept fiat currency but took away corporations' standings as "persons". hmm...
ouch... just look at that chart :( seems like we should be able to predict things like this by now
interesting to think about, because there's more than one possible monetary system
a mathematical discussion of growth and decay, sponsored by the letter E :)
interesting historical analysis -- the conditions were a lot more complex than i realized
"Instituting the Gift Economy"

what an interesting social project
From the page: "Money is a matter of functions four, a medium, a measure, a standard, a store." :)
when the population is extricated from passive entertainment and exposed to media that encourage active collaborative contribution, we can create incredible things together
plenty of controversy surrounding this work. i too think it's important to note that the author didn't go into his experiment with any accumulated debt... that makes a huge difference
this is a long set of comments, but they bring up interesting points about how the system works
good point about large- vs small-scale biofuel production
Jon Stewart holds an excellent interview with Alan Greenspan, well worth watching

economic incentives and penalties... yep, that often works :)
well, that has pretty much *nothing* to do with daylight saving time
hmm, an interesting way of looking at Interest
since money is getting tight, we may be seeing a lot more collections related technologies
when the value of currency is dropping fast, the last place i'd want my money is in cash
wow, this is a really interesting argument *against* tax exemptions, not just for churches, but in general
great idea! this is what we need economists for! hmm, i'll bet there's a way to do this on a local level as well. *starts thinking*
fascinating bite-size pieces of economic history. yes, this was good tidbit too, about discarding the gold standard:
*you* know what sugar is! *you* know what coffee is! XD i love this guy's clear perspective. highly recommended.

let's get rid of the penny & nickel, and the paper dollar bill :D
Warren Buffett's portfolio. part of why it works... well, who *doesn't* need to shampoo their hair?
a biting and terribly funny highbrow skit about the subprime mortgage fiasco. includes an easy-to-follow explanation of what caused the whole mess. it's intentionally played to seem racist, which i found a little distracting. great performance.

milton friedman is full of great ideas in this eye-opening discussion about the u.s. economy; no wonder he was awarded a nobel. the host is a little edgy and nearly loses his composure a couple of times, but friedman's charms soothe the savage beast. plus, a delightful surprise prediction at the end! recorded in 1999.
"The richer man's advantage can be calculated." Entities with large amounts of capital have an "unfair" economic advantage on an even playing field. Read Prospects of Ruination on this page -- this may be the formula for manipulating the global economy.
Energy: proved oil reserves (in 1000 million barrels).

why do i get the feeling the top part of this list is driving U.S. foreign policy
wow, water supply and energy production rely heavily on each other. from the page: "Running a hot water faucet for five minutes is the equivalent of burning a 60-watt light bulb for 14 hours," Gleick said. "Maybe the best way to save energy is to save hot water."
what an amazing turn of events. money from the era of the gold/silver standard is not entirely compatible with modern currency, but it's still legal tender, and is still circulating! :D let's "hope" not too many people find out about this loophole before the fed/treasury can outlaw/confiscate, er, retire all gold & silver coins ;)
"Why the global financial system is about to collapse"
i don't know that *that's* true, but the article does make a lot of interesting points. food for thought
fascinating theory re: motivation for attacking iraq... this demands further study. on a related note, i wonder how those cut underwater internet cables are doing?
hot damn, it's western union all over again! :D :D
better to hold onto those euros while the dollar continues to fall
economics can be counterintuitive... here's a good description of the effects of a "weak" dollar
great! i've got some rubles that look just like this :)
i'm concerned about confiscation of wealth through manipulation of the money supply
another interesting point of view... i'm just curious about all the ways money goes around and around
"The Fed's Role in the Housing Bubble" Hmm, interesting...
amazing! workers take over closed plant and bring business back into operation
we have the opportunity to improve the world, every day, through very simple choices
what happened with the mortgage loans. now this is an explanation i can understand
fascinating; i've been a long-time subscriber to the "labor is noble" theory myself. i better rethink that...
"You give what is appropriate to the occasion and to your means, when and wherever your heart feels inspired."
Making plastic bags optional and charging for them separately is a really neat trick -- no net change in price, but the meaning is different to the consumer... :)
This new tax plan looks like an interesting idea. Worth investigating.
FTA: The Pareto Principle is broadly applicable concept that states: 80 percent of the "effects" comes from 20 percent of the "causes."