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From the page: "For decades, scientists studying climate change have measured the oxygen isotope ratio in tree-ring cellulose to determine the ambient temperature and relative humidity of past climates. The assumption in all of these studies was that tree leaf temperatures were equal to ambient temperatures.

Researchers at Penn, using measures of oxygen isotopes and current climate, determined a way to estimate leaf temperature in living trees and as a consequence showed this assumption to be incorrect."
thought-provoking essay on the humble banana, over which much political and ecological strife has been created... the humble banana that disease is quickly pushing toward extinction
neat, a successful experiment growing plants and fruit trees in dry salty soil

i wonder if crushed diatoms would be a good source of phosphorus for plants...
From the page: "patterns may reflect dynamically persistent configurations of many interacting species, or fundamental physical constraints on how resources flow through ecological networks.""

// maybe this is related to the Constructal Law, an extension of thermodynamics
identifying and weighing all the environmental costs associated with food production, transport and storage is a complex task. this calls for some sort of computer assistance. that is, for everyone except ar0cketman, who grows his own food
and chicken isn't considered meat, right? this looks like a case of creating artificial concepts and then splitting hairs about them
wow, look at how limited our air and water supplies are... let's take better care of them
fascinating introduction to sustainable living techniques, via the real-life homesteading experiences & experiments of a couple in Arizona.
i'm left with a horrified smile on my face. excellent work!

great perspective on agriculture's local effects on ecosystems