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"Affectionately comic drama about the British home computer boom of the early 1980s. Legendary inventor Clive Sinclair battles it out with ex-employee Chris Curry, founder of Acorn Computers, for dominance in the fledgling market."
this video might be a re-post, but i really like it :)
to skip the commentary, fast forward to 1:44

i've only watched a portion of this so far, but it's excellent :D
i'm reposting this because it's so interesting... and this version is all in one piece :)
the moving story of a main telephone distribution center destroyed by fire, and the efforts to restore phone service
they sang happy birthday to the lightbulb! i'm going to watch this whole thing later :D
this is a great documentary on the design of the underground map, which was surprisingly influential in modern graphic design

found at NewSherlock