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i'm trying this with a set of blades. 2x20 strokes before use and alcohol afterward.
so far they have lived 3x as long as usual. they don't stay as sharp as new, but are perfectly fine :)
i like the stepper motor idea a lot.
there are at least a couple of them in every discarded ink-jet printer :)
re-using fluorescent bulbs is clever... if somewhat dangerous

nice video: how to build a "rocket stove", an efficient insulated one-pot cooking stove
it's Evil Mad Scientist Labs' 2 year anniversary! join me in congratulating them... and visit for a great year's roundup of mad science projects.
this guy is hilarious. actor matt frewer, thaaat's who this guy reminds me of :)

cool homemade electric go-kart... but i feel sorry for this guy's neighbors

a *very* interesting design... i like the virtual ground & capacitance multiplier power supply noise-reduction
$100 DIY Scanning Tunneling Microscope? Maybe! I really like the "Disk Scanner" piezo-disc hack this uses, in any case.
6 tiny homemade electrical generators, including a neat piezo experiment
"Low-Cost Audio Delay Line Uses 1-Bit ADC"
neat idea, and very cheap :D
looks like a good use for a spare satellite dish (maybe you can get one on craigslist, like i did)
Manufacturer of electronics project boxes and accessories.