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fun! i'm gonna try this :)

day 1 -- ok, i'm soaking lentils overnight in a jar.
day 2 -- this morning i drained them. tonight i rinsed them.
day 3 -- overnight they sprouted! i let them grow all day, then rinsed and began eating.
they're delicious :D highly recommended

update 2:
this time i'll try garbanzo beans... yep, they're excellent.

i originally posted this in 2009, and recently started making batches of sprouts again. hmm, fresh sprouts :)
i'm eating more raw foods myself. it makes a big difference :)
"AGEs are harmful substances that are abundant in Western diets, and proliferate when foods are heated, pasteurized, dried, smoked, fried or grilled. Once absorbed in the body, AGEs adhere to tissues and oxidize them, causing inflammation which in turn can lead to disease."

they're saying i shouldn't eat a grilled cheese sandwich and fries :(
i've noticed that lysine+arginine supplements make a significant difference. see this research:
can you eat on one dollar a day? you can! great -- we need more experiments like this to discover unusual alternatives and practical boundaries for living.
let's remember, the Boston Tea Party was about TAXES
don't worry, i'm sure you can still buy trans-fats for use at home. meanwhile, a bunch of people will be spared from arterial disease; saving lives, and saving the public beaucoup bucks
interesting, i've got quite a sweet tooth myself. plus, heh, the video features a real-life doogie howser ;)
From the page: "B12 helps you get to sleep earlier, and may help you wake up earlier if you leave a curtain open to the morning sun."
i've noticed this... my lungs seem happier with the occasional dose of saturated fats (e.g., pizza, ice cream :)
sardines have a relatively low level of mercury
blueberries work for me... plus, concord grape juice
Here are the (U.S.) FD&C designations for the suspect food colors:

E102 = Yellow #5
E124 N/A
E110 = Yellow #6
E122 = Orange #4
E104 = Yellow #10
E129 = Red #40

fascinating!! this could be quite important. eat your vegetables, dear
summarizes how plant-based foods are much more efficient to produce than animal-based foods. i eat lentils for a lot of my protein needs.
if even a fraction of these facts is accurate, this is really worth considering