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"Armed with a netbook, medical supplies and a bicycle, Bangladesh's InfoLadies are giving millions of poor people access to crucial information on their doorsteps that will improve their chances in life"

thank you, m3talsmith
Detroit's Heidelberg Project "Using art to provoke thought, promote discussion, inspire action and heal communities..." thanks to xtine66
Who is Anonymous. a surprisingly intelligent description of a social phenomenon worth keeping an eye on
:) i've never seen so many cars passing by my house
the fortune cookie was invented in san francisco (not china; hence the surprise :) lifted from caffeina
"Instituting the Gift Economy"

what an interesting social project
plenty of controversy surrounding this work. i too think it's important to note that the author didn't go into his experiment with any accumulated debt... that makes a huge difference
a tragic comedy about modern times, written in biblical style. the hilarious opening chapter highlights the current conflict over creationism.
hasn't "plagiarism" like this been happening for decades?? in other words, since when have kids stopped emulating their celebrity idols?
although a satire, this is exactly what happens when obscure older technology is compared to technology commonly in use. let's not disparage older tech! it still has its applications :)
documentary by james burke... man this is good. the other parts and other episodes do seem to be up on youtube