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this is yummy :) i just tried it with blueberries, nonfat yogurt, and less sugar
via lunaglo
hey, a standard :) apparently many blenders accept wide-mouth mason jars in place of the container they ship with. i love compatibility
now *this* looks like a viable DIY substitute for prepackaged single-serving snack cakes! :D
there are two reasons this is interesting: 1) how do they pack newtons? 2) how, and how often, do newtons become rotated like this?
can you eat on one dollar a day? you can! great -- we need more experiments like this to discover unusual alternatives and practical boundaries for living.
cubic rocks used to cool drinks. remind anyone else of SNL skit Quarry, The Cereal Made From Stone? ;D "Better tasting 'cause it's mined."
aw man, i gotta stay away from this. now i'm hungry :(
i'm lucky peanut butter quells most of my candy cravings, otherwise this might be trouble :P
i like colors, but artificial food colors aren't healthy for me. here are some alternatives.
beautiful gallery of photos, plans and instructions for building solar cookers
SF pizza is good, but NY pizza is amazing.

could it be the city itself that makes the difference? there's only one way to know for sure: bring a great NY pizza chef to SF... can he replicate NY pizza here?

inquiring minds want to know!!
great idea... but seriously needs a database for localities, and the ability to sort by season
summarizes how plant-based foods are much more efficient to produce than animal-based foods. i eat lentils for a lot of my protein needs.
modern chemistry, making the unpalatable irresistible
i like a lot of these recommendations :)
doggone it, i can practically smell these even though they're made from LCD pixels
*gurgles* Oops, ate too close to bedtime :(
Chocolate - February 2002's Featured Food
Good overview of Nutritional Yeast, and other yeast types
Great idea. Sometimes you just can't think of the interesting meals possible with food on-hand. :)
"If you meet the Buddha, eat the Buddha!" Words of wisdom for a chocolate lover... cool idea. :)

(From The Page:)

A common misconception exists about Mexican and Caribbean vanilla. People rave to me about the fabulous deal they got on a giant bottle of vanilla extract in Mexico, Haiti, Guadeloupe, etc. Further, it has such a unique flavor and it's stronger than any vanilla they've ever used. Well, sorry folks, it isn't pure vanilla extract. In fact, chances are the product in the big bottle is synthetic.

Because vanilla originally came from Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, and because, at one time Mexico produced the world's finest vanilla, it follows that it would still be true. In fact, nearly all of the so-called vanilla extract coming from these countries is synthetic!
This really is a Toaster Museum. OK, not everyone admires toasters, but for some of us this is a neat study in the design of an indispensible kitchen applicance.