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The US Constitution specifically forbids discrimination. Let's not forget who was just rightly elected president -- as a perfect example of how that protection works.
I'm thumbing this up to highlight the issue. The US Constitution forbids discrimination based on race, gender etc. We don't have to call it marriage, but clearly if some adult couples are allowed special legal rights, then the federal government must allow all adult couples the same rights -- and states are *required* to comply. Those legal rights are not a religious issue.
Therefore, NO ON PROP 8
i don't care who brought the lawsuit, this is a victory for the american people. why? let's remember *why* this country was created in the first place: to protect the unalienable rights of each and every individual. infringement upon those rights by the state must be carefully guarded against; and here the rights of the people of california are being protected.
i think we need some upgrades to our system of government... practically nothing that's done by "top" officials is known to the people. thanks to xtine66 for the find