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"Affectionately comic drama about the British home computer boom of the early 1980s. Legendary inventor Clive Sinclair battles it out with ex-employee Chris Curry, founder of Acorn Computers, for dominance in the fledgling market."
PLATO, the earliest online community!
starts slowly, but builds to the best layman's description of computers ever, by far
i love this... it's like a funny visual haiku

good idea: "use solid surfaces as an input devices by capturing the sounds they produce"
good collection of keyboard-related art objects & products
good! i agree though, gnu/linux should be #11 :)
impressive... 10 years later the amount of affordable portable storage has increased by a factor of 500. moore's law in action.
[insert witty comment about getting turned on]
i'd say these classic fonts became overused *because* they are really good
using a cheap laminator to fuse the toner to the board -- now there's an interesting spin
"an open-source hardware and software project intended to create an exceptionally powerful and versatile autopilot system"
a breathless and inspiring look at the development of early electronic computers
"Having been erased,
The document you're seeking
Must now be retyped."
that's no imac, but asus *is* doing a good job designing appealing computers
ooh, this looks good -- more pinouts, but in an easier to read format
this thing looks great... finally, a contender for the low-end spot, below Mac mini
wow, heaploads of pinouts all in one place :O
d'oh, machinery ruined because of Celsius vs Fahrenheit! :( dog gone it, why don't we switch to the metric system. i don't care how many "furlongs" there are in a "hogshead" ;-/
darn it, these guys can make a great cpu core, but have they ever heard of software-based emulation? :-/
:( that's the opposite of what they intended to do
compu-terrrrism. i hope this was intended to be funny :)
good use of foam to simplify construction
key milestones in the development of computer chips. thanks to ar0cketman
i'm gonna have to try this, to get rid of that ever-annoying Help key :-/
i'd venture a guess that collaboration will increase the overall rate of scientific advancement by several times
check out Move to Junk, a brilliant poem by unigami. after reading the second stanza, i became enlightened ;D
From the page: "[MIT AI Lab, after 2000: orig. probably from a Ren & Stimpy episode.] Any seemingly pointless activity which is actually necessary to solve a problem which solves a problem which, several levels of recursion later, solves the real problem you're working on."

// So true, happens to me all the time. nicked from jasonstone
this looks like a neat device -- a fast linux-based 2-drive RAID 1 NAS with gigabit ethernet & built-in LAMP server software
it's a start. how about standardizing on four or five form factors and re-using the cases? for example, the mac mini case has remained almost identical for two generations and several updates now. ehhh, computers are too much like fashion accessories nowadays :-/
"It looks like you're typing a letter! Sponsored by Carl's Jr." ;)

// yes, that's a reference to Idiocracy ;)
From the page: "The best way to get accurate information on Usenet is to post something wrong and wait for corrections."
- Matthew Austern

// an early recipe for Wikipedia :)
i told ya this was a good idea... it was only a matter of time :)
this worked great! my second server is now accessible via a separate public IP address. i upgraded the router firmware to DD-WRT v23 sp2 first though.
great 60's photos of workers in a Bell Labs data center
photos: industrial design of Sinclair computers and other gadgets. includes design sketches

a projector, a camera and IR lighting are mounted behind a projection surface...
Camenzind tells what really happened between Noyce & Kilby

damn fine introduction to computer technology, from the 1960's

Adobe sees full shift to Web
"...paying $400 for a packaged software product is a thing of the past..." Yeah, so paying $34.99/mo forever is the wave of the future?? Hmm.
don't choke when you get to the "per GB" price at the end ;)
i just saw the front page... but it made me laugh :)
I like how the researchers approached this problem
Thorough discussion of how to power computer microphones. Includes diagrams.
Fantastic... Apple's many "tour de force"-es of industrial design.
Beautiful photos of classic computer keyboards. Gorgeous designs from Apple (frogdesign), IBM, and others.
here's one for Jeremy -- IBM Model M Keyboards. over 10,000 spring-activated keys are in this shot :)