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"The price of reliability is the pursuit of the utmost simplicity."
- Sir Charles Antony Richard Hoare
Backus' Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style?

this is *great* reading. backus is brilliant.
:D :D
an impressive discovery:
"Speculatively, the Curry–Howard correspondence may be expected to lead to a substantial unification between mathematical logic and foundational computer science"

note to self: there is no looping, only mapping aka "set" operations
note to self re "reducing the size of the search tree". making simplifying assumptions can reduce the size of the state space so unwanted states are excluded from the space
includes a fascinating discussion on program transformation and "the compiler of the future" (which is *still* in the future)

from Dijsktra's EWD32

sir tony hoare, inventor of quicksort among other important things
"Sometimes we discover unpleasant truths. Whenever we do so, we are in difficulties: suppressing them is scientifically dishonest, so we must tell them, but telling them, however, will fire back on us..."
hoare is brilliant, and i highly recommend his paper "An axiomatic basis for computer programming" linked to from the wikipedia article
i highly recommend this outstanding piece of work for anyone seriously studying computer science. link to a PDF full-length copy of the book is at the bottom of the wikipedia page.
if i were a puzzler, this would give me a cool supply of them
important underpinnings for computer science of the next several decades. i'm not sure exactly how to apply this yet, but we'll be seeing a ton more use for concurrent programming, quickly. the book is a free pdf, and a great read.
poor guy... the paste is supposed to go between the cpu and the *heat sink* :( sad because it looks like he really wanted to keep it cool