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pathetic. new programming languages will help -- ones that don't require explicit use of low-level threading.
compu-carnage. the shattered travelstar hard drive is interesting... i think the deskstar and travelstar lines use(d) glass disks!
so ridiculous that i actually laughed :D

i've just found out why IBM Model Ms hate water :( the water wicks inbetween the layers of plastic membrane, shorting out the conductive key-matrix traces. now that mine is *completely* taken apart and drying, hopefully it will recover...

cool! what makes a hard drive go. snagged from ar0cketman

crap. well if you bought one already, be sure to use it for many years.
a printer that erases its own pages? great! send 50 of these to the white house, pronto ;)
looks like a good addition to their consumer linux pc lineup
ooh, this looks good -- more pinouts, but in an easier to read format
this thing looks great... finally, a contender for the low-end spot, below Mac mini
good use of foam to simplify construction
wow, no wonder it couldn't be built at the time
"Customers loyal for nearly 20 years have gone on record as saying that they will never again purchase a Creative Labs product. Some enraged proprietors went as far as to purge their shelves of Creative Labs products still in stock."
impressive shredding. the thing eats hard drives for breakfast

wow. church of the supercomputer... sort of looks like the nyc apple store :)
looks like a good use for a spare satellite dish (maybe you can get one on craigslist, like i did)