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beautiful photo-essay on restoration of a fine pair of shoes. brought to you by xtine66; thank you Mme. :)
close enough... correctly predicts the fanny pack & cell phone
quick color blindness test... seems to get progressively more difficult. the last one got me! ;)
unusual art shoes, thanks to jenjen1352! :)
heh heh, talk about merchandise that straddles the fence... this is the *ultimate* "what if you're wrong?" t-shirt ;D
Interesting style of shoes... how do they know how long each toe is? Thanks X
Hey, it's Miss FuzzyBunny! Welcome to S.U. :)
Smilesr4u found some HOT STUFF. These guys also have a sweet white Nurse version with red cross. :) Thanks Smiles!!
Yes!! SOCKS, TIGHTS, ETC. Thank you BettyJoBradley!!!
WTF?!? Shoe Art of the Day -- Cactus Boots

"Surrealist object recreated from a dream"
Sweet! But dare ye not look at the price, lest ye turn to stone...

Interesting Combo. Haven't seen this before, but I like it! :)

Shoe of the day: Traditional Mongol Boots! Thanks to Xtine66 for these superbly decorated pieces from yet another corner of the globe. I loved the black, but the brown are my favorite...

Slippers with headlights. Sure beats the hardhat and miner's lamp I usually wear...
Zowie! How to lace and tie shoes, let me count the ways... This man is a true scientist. Highly recommended if you, like me, learned to tie your own shoes only at the age of 8.
Wow, Rocketbuster makes some cool-ass boots! Not to everyone's liking, but hey, that's fashion for you.

Braille T-Shirts. Hilarious! Being a text-oriented guy I tend to read the messages on people's shirts, but with these shirts... :)