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chemistry fans: patience, there is a surprise ending. therefore this is good science :)
this could play an important part in reducing power-plant CO2 emissions
cool, easily making butter from cream
the element named after Danish physicist Niels Bohr, who made fundamental contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics
audio is out of sync, but it doesn't matter -- bronowski is worth watching
nerrrds! this is good :D videos about the chemical elements... check out the ones for bromine, nitrogen and boron
good direction for basic research... the results may prove very useful. "these so-called super atoms (clusters of 13 silver atoms, for example) behave in the same way as individual atoms and have opened up a whole new branch of chemistry."
this scientist works with abalones to design new protein composite materials
is this what chemistry nerd kids played with in the '50s? :)

old news, but still sounds extremely cool. i'm sure they'll find a lot of uses
arrgh, we still have all this old toxic crap to clean up
modern chemistry, making the unpalatable irresistible
harry kroto, the sean connery of chemistry, gives us a peek at experiments that model life's beginnings
Thomas Gold's theory about the ongoing creation of oil from deep within the earth is not science fiction -- some might call it wishful thinking. It does remain to be proven.
this kind of pump is what's inside ink-jet printers
Yeah, I think these videos are enough to convince us that chemistry is frickkin' dangerous... :)
It's explosive! Uhh, don't try this at home... :-/