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from the artist: "I’d like to try auctioning off the original to raise money for a local animal rescue. Any practical suggestions are welcome!"

auto-tune strikes again
i think these pics prove cats can worry :)
XD click it if you love lolcats. thanks to xtine66
a couple of cat-loving engineers promote a cat for president. hey, it has its charm :)

aw this is like teaching a dog algebra... or a human, logic ;-/
happy 4th of July! brought to you in part by ar0cketman; thank you :)
what a good cat toy! it's warm, contains music, and when you touch it, fun shapes fly around. price is the only drawback :-/

artisan cranks out a really nice glass cat :) thanks to fantm
Cats Painting. When I had a cat, I used to see her do things like this too. I never realized she was trying to paint without the proper materials!