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a million people are killed on roads every year

this is far more frightening than any "terrorists"
this guy is awesome. every responsible driver must watch this video :) made by billjb
too bad. i like the sawed-in-half display model though :)
cool, this will drive the cost of batteries down :D thanks to xtine66 for the find
looks nice, but someone keeps forgetting how little energy a human being generates when exercising... and just how much energy is required to accelerate a vehicle
a great introduction to the construction and operation of alternators. thanks to ar0cketman for the find :D
bit of a mismatch between a 300W solar panel and a 30+kW electric motor, but it's a good start, and one of the nicer concepts i've seen. thanks to xtine66 :)
an experiment in using grown materials in a car body. thanks to xtine66 :)
who doesn't hate getting stuck in traffic? billjb explains why it /really/ happens and how you can help unclog our freeways
car companies will manufacture whatever the public feels compelled to buy... compelled because we feel insecure or are given a financial incentive like with SUVs. they've been telling us for years "we won't make these eco-vehicles because you won't buy them". well now we *will* buy them :)
head of TVR discusses their cars' design for safety -- which does *not* include ABS or airbags... a good read
uses a hybrid permanent-magnet/electromagnet motor

this looks like a fine piece of craftsmanship... thanks to xtine66 for the find
for a second there i had quite a laugh thinking this was wikipedia. nevertheless, good overview of the technology.
nice... them's some spensive cars. they're nearly one-offs, like commissioned art pieces. thx 2 xtine66 :)
don't all complex mass-produced machines head in this direction? efficient to produce and "disposable", not easy to maintain :-/
cool homemade electric go-kart... but i feel sorry for this guy's neighbors

cool air-powered car now in development. thanks to xtine66
good news, this may help reduce the production cost of electric vehicles
cheap transportation with a 2-cylinder engine -- made using innovative construction techniques
thanks to Xtine66
they do call those "rollerskates" :) thanks to ar0cketman
Letter from Nikola Tesla questioning why engineers haven't built a more-efficient, hybrid car yet... in 1904!!