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and maybe... beyond our current slavery to the dollar, is a quality of creativity and level of commitment that will be the next step in our sociological and economic evolution
what a good-natured fella. this excellent show gives an easy-to-understand introduction to inflation and a great feet-to-the-fire roundtable discussion between friedman, politicians and fed chairmen about how to control it.
Greenspan Concedes He 'Found a Flaw' in His Free-Market Ideology.

Yeah, he "overlooked" this:
he's not talking about gold, he's talking about multiple competing currencies created as needed by market forces. the fed would never stand for this, but i think it's an interesting proposal
that's odd... the creation of a universal currency, followed by a period of rapid inflation, should practically force everyone into using a single currency
good food for thought, thanks to aynrandfan

// i love the concept of profit -- producing more value than the sum total invested -- but the side effects of doing business have gotten us into an environmental and political mess. "capitalism" as a system seems to take a lot of the blame... but maybe the weak links are really: gauging profits only in dollars, ignoring the consequences of our businesses, and allowing money to have influence over public and national policy.
interesting... the last third of this excerpt appears to be an intelligent rant against fiat currency
whew, here are some strong opinions... i appreciate seeing other points of view :)
is this some kind of metaphor for capitalism? it's a fine piece of animation in any case

this cartoon has provoked a lot of discussion in the SU reviews :)
"Instituting the Gift Economy"

what an interesting social project
Jon Stewart holds an excellent interview with Alan Greenspan, well worth watching

just looked at the tour... I'm always interested in seeing different points of view, even if they're more idealistic than practical
milton friedman is full of great ideas in this eye-opening discussion about the u.s. economy; no wonder he was awarded a nobel. the host is a little edgy and nearly loses his composure a couple of times, but friedman's charms soothe the savage beast. plus, a delightful surprise prediction at the end! recorded in 1999.
excellent thought-provoking interview. friedman has faith in the ingenuity of human beings

serious thinking from a very smart individual

we have the opportunity to improve the world, every day, through very simple choices