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"And whoever has the smartest customers wins…"
wow, i'll have to read this post a few times to get all the meat out of it
infographics: "Who is Getting Rich Off the iPhone?"
he's making a good point... but since everyone invests in the stock market to generate their retirement money, how are we going to improve this
so, either nationalize or let the market work? hmm...
note: this highlights the industry's use of anticompetitive strategies; so much for theories of "pure" capitalism
coupled with s3, this looks like a great way of serving popular content. you can probably tell i'm an AWS fan :)
great brief presentation from mr. lolcats on the development, success and expansion of the I Can Has Cheezburger network of websites

peter schiff correctly reads our national balance sheet, back in 2006

maybe it helps to have more well-rounded perception and social skills
inflation: if you just keep printing money, this is what you get :(
an early warning about derivatives, published back in 1994. did we listen? heck no. snagged from stocktrader
Greenspan Concedes He 'Found a Flaw' in His Free-Market Ideology.

Yeah, he "overlooked" this:
WOW that's creepy -- an old Meth PSA

very, very interesting insider's view. thanks to xtine66 for forwarding :)
scary, this is starting to look like a global version of the great depression. thanks to xtine66 for the find
i love that guy's candor. businesses' ability to donate large sums of money to politicians gives corporations a big advantage over ordinary citizens
good explanation of why venture capitalists look for a potential 20x return from each new prospect
this is a VERY interesting idea... concentrating consumer power to help businesses pay for "green" capital improvements

From the page: "Mr. Hayashi argued that instead of divorcing Japanese Buddhism further from its spiritual roots, his business attracted more people with its lower prices. The highest-ranking posthumous name went for about $1,500, a rock-bottom price.

I know that, originally, that's not what Buddhism was about, Mr. Hayashi said of the top name. But it's a brand that our customers choose. Some really want it, so that means there's a strong desire there, and we have to respond to it."
" economic theory known as "Dutch Disease" holds that natural resource wealth can inhibit the development of other sectors by skewing wages. In contrast, resource-poor countries must give their citizens a certain amount of economic freedom in order to create a living for themselves, developing human capital in order to create value."
this is so odd... the fall in the value of the dollar and speculation on oil... almost as if it were a plan to wean us off oil, bring jobs back into the country, and improve the trade deficit. but who would believe that??
car companies will manufacture whatever the public feels compelled to buy... compelled because we feel insecure or are given a financial incentive like with SUVs. they've been telling us for years "we won't make these eco-vehicles because you won't buy them". well now we *will* buy them :)
i wonder what the u.s. economy would be like if we kept fiat currency but took away corporations' standings as "persons". hmm...
actually, tip #4 helps stabilize the air temperature by providing thermal mass -- to store coolness at night and release it during the day. the metal container is an efficient conductor of heat between the liquid and surrounding air ;)
"Field studies find lower productivity with GM seeds" //

it sounds like monsanto engineered some soya to be resistant to weed killer, so they could sell soya and weed killer... not so farmers could grow lots more soya.
thought-provoking essay on the humble banana, over which much political and ecological strife has been created... the humble banana that disease is quickly pushing toward extinction
teamwork may make an organization smarter, but interruptions make its individuals dumber :(
this cartoon has provoked a lot of discussion in the SU reviews :)
From the page: "The Internet helps people eliminate irrelevant alternatives"
entrepreneurs are redefining the concept of "waste": instead of waste-as-rubbish, it's waste-as-valuable-commodity
maybe we should do this with government
based on this news, it looks like consumers lobbying wal-mart may be an effective means of advancing industry reforms
i'd like to see recycling services gain more exposure
Energy: proved oil reserves (in 1000 million barrels).

why do i get the feeling the top part of this list is driving U.S. foreign policy
skip this item if you're squeamish. it's edible bread sculptures shaped like human parts... interesting; definitely art
hot damn, it's western union all over again! :D :D
economics can be counterintuitive... here's a good description of the effects of a "weak" dollar
there used to be a job called "secretary"... directing various communications
a stand-up desk... that's an interesting idea ("sometimes my guests will pretend to order a drink";)
FTA: The Pareto Principle is broadly applicable concept that states: 80 percent of the "effects" comes from 20 percent of the "causes."