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a ton of decorated rain shoes & boots are here

Stylish and practical Fire Fighter boots ...*sniff sniff*... do you smell something burning?
Sent in by the danger-defying ar0cketman

Catalog: Fancy and Custom Shoes and Boots. Morgaine continues to astonish.
Galleries: "Erotic pictures of beautiful women in fashionable high-heeled shoes".
Yes, I agree. :)
"The Ultimate Directory for Heel Shoes Online".
A variety of photographs and many supplier links!! I am one again indebted to Morgaine for her amazing resourcefulness. ;)
Catalog of Fuss shoe designs.
You'd never walk in the ones pictured here, they're art!
Catalog includes more conservative designs you can wear around town as well. Lovely.
More Galleries! Shoe fetish this time. Ahh, nice. Thanks to "Morgaine's Research Archives"!! :)
Smilesr4u found some HOT STUFF. These guys also have a sweet white Nurse version with red cross. :) Thanks Smiles!!
Hold the phone!!! These are breathtaking:

Back to the Future! It's the '70s all over again, So modern.....

Sweet! But dare ye not look at the price, lest ye turn to stone...

Now THIS is huggable! Shaggy, one might say... Sent in by VaVaVoommm. :)

Interesting Combo. Haven't seen this before, but I like it! :)

Shoe of the day: Traditional Mongol Boots! Thanks to Xtine66 for these superbly decorated pieces from yet another corner of the globe. I loved the black, but the brown are my favorite...

Love 'em. More Clergerie. So expensive, but ahh.....