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there is something spectacular about this. thanks to xtine66 for the find
"Squirrel leaves trail of destruction in its wake"
poor squirrel! thanks to xtine66
"And ex-oilfield executive Ian Crane warned of plans for a fake alien invasion to be staged at the 2012 Olympics in London by the terrorists behind 9/11 and other atrocities, in their quest for global control."
not for the faint of brain. i liked it :) made by cyriak

a classic... recommended by llolla :) there's a moral here, something about people having their own distinct taste

so ridiculous that i actually laughed :D

this is the most bizarre thing i've seen all week... so far... ;)
From the page: "Mr. Hayashi argued that instead of divorcing Japanese Buddhism further from its spiritual roots, his business attracted more people with its lower prices. The highest-ranking posthumous name went for about $1,500, a rock-bottom price.

I know that, originally, that's not what Buddhism was about, Mr. Hayashi said of the top name. But it's a brand that our customers choose. Some really want it, so that means there's a strong desire there, and we have to respond to it."
in the hands of isabella rossellini, insect reproduction becomes classical drama. these are weird, just like bugs & critters in real life.
hmm, 9 sponsors... that's maybe $500 to $1,000 apiece :)
he was a day early! if he had pulled that on the 4th, barbecue day of the year, it just might have worked ;)
no matter what your walk of life, this modern marvel is worth seeing. some will laugh, some cry, and some rejoice :D via the inimitable xtine66
the odds against this happening have got to be a million to one... ok, more than a million ;)
cyriak is a surreal creative genius
do *not* look at this if you have epilepsy
// omg, my eyes! my head! :P
amateur filmmakers maybe

that thing was frightening when it first came out
this is what that mart at the car wash will be like in 2085
robotic snakes are coming... to the tune of crazy train
i'm not saying i like it, just that it really reminds me of gattaca :)
"i can't stand up!"
this cool halloween attraction is from here: Vortex Tunnel

apparently the machine retains a very strong field even when power is off

whether true or not, they're interesting stories
oh, no way. our protagonist is incredibly optimistic
excellent, yet truly bizarre. lifted from donthefox. hmm, it's also reminiscent of the electronic art piece "listening post"
wow, serious art. it's not eye candy, that's for sure
bizarre and funny short on various applications of springs

unusual art shoes, thanks to jenjen1352! :)
this is just the thing to watch after part 2 of "Zeitgeist, The Movie"

hahahahaa, freaky old video game commercial

they do call those "rollerskates" :) thanks to ar0cketman
yes, a silent vacuum cleaner would be fantastic :D

Camel gets orthopedic shoes :D Actually, they're kinda stylish! Sent in by both Xtine66 & ar0cketman . Thanks y'all.

"Pictures I Like For A Variety Of Reasons"
Wacky and sometimes hilarious images. Annotated. :)
Weird Pic. I feel weird after seeing this pic. Plus, I clicked Back and saw some of the other pics too. Very weird... :)
Single-question Personality Test. Impressive results!
Lost Socks
The lonely partners of all those socks that never came home.

Shamelessly plucked from smilesr4u. Smiles, I have no shame. :)
Tongue-in-cheek fortunes. It's good, get some!
Great! Measurements of the NET amount of stuff that's inside packages of stuff. I've ALWAYS wondered how much Just "How Much is Inside?" :)
Whimsical and pleasant. I really like the graphical style.