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a remarkable clock design
stumble upon artwork... literally! snagged from harmonyinsanfran. i love the idea, and i hope someone is funding this guy
From the page: "This historic occasion has less to do with finally being embraced by the fine art establishment and is more about the judicious use of a fake beard and some high strength glue." Banksy continues -"They're good enough to be in there, so I don't see why I should wait"
creative re-use of corporate logos, among other symbols

many creative pedal-powered vehicles
Detroit's Heidelberg Project "Using art to provoke thought, promote discussion, inspire action and heal communities..." thanks to xtine66
i love pixels... this clever piece turns public screens into pixelated art

brilliant mosaic interpretations as interior design. thanks to andreacv! :D
surface of titan? that big glowing thing might be saturn...
many strange and interesting concepts are illustrated
a 3D printing service... very interesting :)
:D cool animation: a fresh take on a classic story. good stuff! gracias to harmonyinsanfran
sand art in a glass
i like the LED @ RCA installation :)
this is a nice installation piece... unusual effect
it's Evil Mad Scientist Labs' 2 year anniversary! join me in congratulating them... and visit for a great year's roundup of mad science projects.
outstanding use of a limited medium, packing tape
there's some really fine work in here. this is one of the most graphic... nearly a piece of text :D
furniture made from coins. that's a lot of welding!
subtle layering makes this worth seeing
life arrives in a meteorite :)
stencil art from the Cans Festival (video links on flickr page)

it's an art piece... i like it :)
wow. seen on unigami's pages.

in case you don't recognize it, that's an upside-down golden gate bridge... the pilot is somehow doing a loop perilously close to the main cables :)

these are outstanding! :D isabella rossellini's bug biology lessons show how nature all around us is filled with amazing drama. kids of the future will watch these routinely, i'm sure. btw, the *snail* is a little risque :)
cool, they're doing that animated-doodle-in-the-air thing with the brightly-glowing LED thingies! swiped from caffeina
do *not* look at this if you have epilepsy
// omg, my eyes! my head! :P
weird, charming and enjoyable... destined to be a kids toy of 2011
cool drawings of stereotyped drivers. bring grains of salt pls
sweet, this is cool :D

Wall Murals (there are live people in this shot too)
this is what that mart at the car wash will be like in 2085
cool, and besides, the next generation of kids won't see why we thought this was "slightly scandalous" :)

a "laser harp"... it's neater than i expected!
clever idea - a tattoo visible under UV (black-light)
"art. design. architecture. machines." a really nice blog. thanks to ar0cketman
whew, great art piece. it's too easy to make judgments
part of calder's mercury fountain -- it uses real mercury

Listening Post. i loved seeing this art piece in person -- i was amazed at the tight integration of sound and cycles of activity. highly recommended.

more info here
and here

uv led + zinc sulfide = drawing board with glowing trails

i don't speak turkish, but i'm pretty sure that's a really big diamond
cool collaborative art, i like.
Large Copper Pots. Keeping water in copper jugs is said to kill bacteria.

Colorful Illustrations, so stylish & charming
B&W line art illustration of a scene using objects' names as their representations. Looks perfectly normal to me ;)
An Olive Molecule

FTA: "Marti Guixe makes beautiful food designs, from 3D snacks, chocolate printer parts to atomic models with olives."

Shoe Robbers?
A gang of shoes apparently steals a woman's jewelery! What happened to her clothes is, umm, another matter... :)
Sent in by aminie. Thanks Amlie!!
James B. Janknegt's Paintings
I like this series of paintings, for some reason... :)
GREAT SHOE ROBBERY - Handmade Art by Rachel Katz
Glass Slipper
Sent in by moderntimes AND Smilesr4u. It's gorgeous... thanks Orla & Smiles !!
Here's a nice piece of art sent in by Morgaine. Thanx Morgaine!
Beautiful Photos
Morgaine sent in this lovely set from flickr. Thank you Morgaine!

Calder is one of my favorite sculptors. This site describes his life and shows the progression of his work. Very beautiful!
Sweet vintage shoes, courtesy of smilesr4u. Thanks Smiles!!!

I love Eric's paintings. They're "seriously" whimsical. :)