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i've only watched a portion of this so far, but it's excellent :D
Man will begin to recover the moment he takes art as seriously as physics, chemistry or money. ~Ernst Levy
~ art piece of the week ~
this 1984 music video was directed by Andy Warhol :D

it is a wee bit creepy, and features self-effacing "gratuitous sex and violence".
i've heard this is a censored version, but i have not seen the original... :)

viva 1984!
i hate that bench! that's some good art :)
see also: boingboing
from the artist: "I’d like to try auctioning off the original to raise money for a local animal rescue. Any practical suggestions are welcome!"

"every girl needs a unicorn"
painted by dr. seuss??

great integration of photography, electronics, and video
the xylophone is sweet, and the mobile phones are awesome :D
"The way David Macaulay works"
Andy Warhol’s Polaroids of Sports Champions
Tom Gauld - Characters for an Epic Tale
this is fantastic, but potentially seizure-inducing so beware.
an outstanding, must-see art piece. really incredible in person
:) i really like these sculptures
bridging the artificial divide... this is a great piece; go see. snagged from sparlo
good collection of keyboard-related art objects & products
creative re-use of corporate logos, among other symbols

a rocket toilet with a u.s. of a. steering wheel. reminiscent of anything? more rocket art on this page, thanks to ar0cketman :)
outstanding work from artist James Jean... his rough pencil sketches are even better
this seems like a very personal collection. thanks to andreacv for sending it my way :)
i hope people take this with good humor... it's probably why there's a prohibition against graven images you know
i like these... the wire gears have a certain charm
a lot of these designs are quite clever. liked.
great pencil work -- warning: page has a lot of big images; heavy loading ahead
sand art in a glass
wow, these are frac-tacular... check out the mechanical ones :)
brilliant piece, and a reminder of how great the original sound effects are
i love abstract stuff like this. plus, satie is one of my favorite composers :)

check out Move to Junk, a brilliant poem by unigami. after reading the second stanza, i became enlightened ;D
a nice piece of political art :)
i object to religious symbols being kept on government property ;D
bright blue "houses" in a sea of shingle. this is just the sort of thing that everyone initially thinks is an eyesore, but it ends up growing into a treasured landmark... uh, i hope.
striking and delightful paper animation using an unusual layering technique
skip this item if you're squeamish. it's edible bread sculptures shaped like human parts... interesting; definitely art
part of calder's mercury fountain -- it uses real mercury

wow, serious art. it's not eye candy, that's for sure
tim hunkin... i never get enough of this guy :) hunkin demonstrates trial and error in industrial design
unusual art shoes, thanks to jenjen1352! :)
Listening Post. i loved seeing this art piece in person -- i was amazed at the tight integration of sound and cycles of activity. highly recommended.

more info here
and here

they do call those "rollerskates" :) thanks to ar0cketman
great theme art, very amusing
Hey, it's Windell -- welcome to S.U.! Readers take note: Check out Windell's "Pages I Like", 'cuz he includes links to his own Brilliant mad science projects, and doesn't always blog them. :)
From the page: "favorite artist, Alexander Calder"
YEAH! :)
heh heh, true to life Internets T-Shirt! Note to self: wow, the Internets is becoming very efficient at marketing :O
Pure organic machinery art, straight from the artist. Plus quality stumbles -- go see! :)
Shoe Unicycles! Sent in by ar0cketman, along with fine clown shoes. Thank you sir :)

Shoe Robbers?
A gang of shoes apparently steals a woman's jewelery! What happened to her clothes is, umm, another matter... :)
Sent in by aminie. Thanks Amlie!!
James B. Janknegt's Paintings
I like this series of paintings, for some reason... :)
GREAT SHOE ROBBERY - Handmade Art by Rachel Katz
Here's a nice piece of art sent in by Morgaine. Thanx Morgaine!
Gallery of Lovely Shoe Paintings! moderntimes pinched this link for your pleasure. Thank you Orla!!
Beautiful Photos
Morgaine sent in this lovely set from flickr. Thank you Morgaine!

Calder is one of my favorite sculptors. This site describes his life and shows the progression of his work. Very beautiful!
Sweet vintage shoes, courtesy of smilesr4u. Thanks Smiles!!!

Smilesr4u sent in this FUNNY photo! How'd they get up there, I wonder? ;) Thanks Smiles!!!

The perverse yet fascinating world of near-impossible objects, via-a-vis M.C. Escher -- made into tangible objects.
WTF?!? Shoe Art of the Day -- Cactus Boots

"Surrealist object recreated from a dream"