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cross-laminated timber, a new composite construction material

"The way David Macaulay works"
good description of low-environmental-impact architecture... the last 5 seconds caught me by surprise!
cool!! modern technology squares with architectural intuition
perfect! i was looking for a design like this for growing plants in a fish tank... just needs simplification and a little adjustment
from his work, he appears to be a student of Wright... i like it :)
putting Bucky's house back in order. thanks to xtine66 :)
Wall Murals (there are live people in this shot too)
bright blue "houses" in a sea of shingle. this is just the sort of thing that everyone initially thinks is an eyesore, but it ends up growing into a treasured landmark... uh, i hope.
architect shows off his approach for embiggening a small house

hah, it's the iHouse! or iCoffeeHouse in this case
space age sign & architecture... thanx to xtine66
wow. church of the supercomputer... sort of looks like the nyc apple store :)
Cool, I never knew what was under those glass sidewalks

a walk on the underside of San Francisco to see where the glass sidewalk plugs go.