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there's a moral in here, somewhere
not for the faint of brain. i liked it :) made by cyriak

very interesting... i usually have a hard time seeing 3-d effects, but with the change in focus, this one comes across perfectly
:D cool animation: a fresh take on a classic story. good stuff! gracias to harmonyinsanfran
life arrives in a meteorite :)
brilliant piece, and a reminder of how great the original sound effects are
it's an art piece... i like it :)
is this some kind of metaphor for capitalism? it's a fine piece of animation in any case

neat little black and white animations. some of these are really obscure
cyriak is a surreal creative genius
cool, they're doing that animated-doodle-in-the-air thing with the brightly-glowing LED thingies! swiped from caffeina
striking and delightful paper animation using an unusual layering technique
this is just the thing to watch after part 2 of "Zeitgeist, The Movie"

funky slugs, thanx to smilesR4U

subtle, yet over the top... i like it :)
It's butt ugly, black and white, no graphics, horrible resolution...
I Love It!
Whimsical and pleasant. I really like the graphical style.