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with this news, that google animal translator is starting to look feasible :)
rap + unedited gecko footage = dance!
they did *not* want to be stuck in there
black holes have been getting a lot of press lately. pretty good, considering they were in the realm of science fiction not so long ago...

mmm, babies ;) too bad this fella's knee joints bend the opposite way of ours

i lol'd (and yes, that was the first time i'd seen it :)
From the page: "The females lay their eggs in February, and then, quite abruptly, the entire F. labordi adult species dies out by the end of March. Between April and October, the species only exists inside well-hidden eggs. "
everyone likes a little pampering. this site has really high quality videos.
i'm guessing this frog's amazing color helps it avoid being eaten :)

the guy was dumb to do that. i like the hungry tortoise :)

really neat, and relaxing -- realtime audio from underwater, under the Antarctic ice

sea animals are out tonight!! :D
that little guy is a biter

my mammals, let me show you them

(it's a panda baby!)
a duck, feeding fish... amazing!
Camel gets orthopedic shoes :D Actually, they're kinda stylish! Sent in by both Xtine66 & ar0cketman . Thanks y'all.