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cross breeding like this is a lot more stable than the genetic engineering i've heard about
the danger of treating seed as a manufactured product is that in case of failure, we don't have enormous stockpiles of food as insurance. nor are the "manufacturers" required to maintain huge funds to compensate farmers in case of a widespread problem. monsanto, as one example, is now "too big to fail", as with the banking giants.
this is good, i've been watching parts of chapter 6
the first 10 minutes are a little fragmented, but the second half makes the whole thing worth watching
this is fantastic... it starts out slow, but just wait until he gets outdoors to show off their sample forests growing :)
another good segment (see my other reviews)

i now understand what "junk food" really means :)

we eat what's cheap and what's marketed to us... via a feedback loop between ag subsidies, food production, sales revenues, and policy-making / promotion

charming, even if you're not a mushroom lover

encouraging snippet on cuba's transition to sustainable agriculture. lifted from ar0cketman
LOL: "These animals have never seen blueberries, but somehow they know they are delicious"
we should probably concentrate on synthesizing milk instead... which might lower the cost by a factor of 10 :-/
very good article on a safer and more reliable method of genetic engineering... this way is a little slower but holds great promise. sent my way by ar0cketman
"Field studies find lower productivity with GM seeds" //

it sounds like monsanto engineered some soya to be resistant to weed killer, so they could sell soya and weed killer... not so farmers could grow lots more soya.
thought-provoking essay on the humble banana, over which much political and ecological strife has been created... the humble banana that disease is quickly pushing toward extinction
don't worry -- now that information like this is all over the internet, it's only a matter of time until the problem is solved.
burning manure for heating... according to this report, dried compacted manure works well, and the ashes are an effective fertilizer. ar0cketman recommends methane production for higher energy yields, but i'm just trying to get rid of some spare horse hockey at first :)
neat, a successful experiment growing plants and fruit trees in dry salty soil

good point about large- vs small-scale biofuel production
Good thinking... It will probably cost much much more than $1M to accomplish; but still, Go PETA! (i'm cheering them on because i like seeing organizations do something useful)
great, now ditch the corn and put the genes into a plant that's a much more efficient producer...
based on this news, it looks like consumers lobbying wal-mart may be an effective means of advancing industry reforms
hopefully the work will yield results that are useful for other applications as well.
i may have to try these guys -- finally, a bulk supplier of low-priced beans here in california
more good work. how about let's think of a way to mine garbage dumps soon -- which might turn up all sorts of useful (and currently toxic) compounds & elements
encouraging demonstration of improved sustainability for an urban home