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what a fantastic shot :D
it sounds like they didn't have a way to verify that the lower stage had finished its burn, before attempting separation. this is a good lesson in vehicle design :P
"an open-source hardware and software project intended to create an exceptionally powerful and versatile autopilot system"
From the page: "Gravity gradient stabilization.
In orbit, a spacecraft with one axis much longer than the other two will spontaneously orient so that its long axis points at the planet's center of mass. This system has the virtue of needing no active control system or expenditure of fuel. The effect is caused by a tidal force."
From the page: "To the surprise of mission experts, satellite Explorer 1 changed rotation axis after launch. The elongated body of the spacecraft had been supposed to spin about its long (least-inertia) axis but refused to do so, and instead started precessing due to energy dissipation from flexible structural elements."
hmm, 9 sponsors... that's maybe $500 to $1,000 apiece :)
Paul MacCready gives a charming talk mainly about his Gossamer human powered aircraft... and how he started that project to win the prizes that got him out of debt :)
"Inspectors Pictorial Reference"

NASA's standard for electrical work

"...provides full color visual examples of acceptance / rejection criteria which may be used for the design, manufacture and inspection of electrical / electronic equipment for high-reliability and space flight applications..."
simple sensor to help spacecraft maintain normal attitude relative to a light source (e.g., the sun)
A sun sensor for use in orbiting satellites provides accurate attitude control yet eliminates the use of complicated optical components.
maybe this technique could be used to round up all the "space trash" floating around in earth orbit
Average Temperature Profile of the Atmosphere. good to know, if you'll be traveling dozens of kilometers through the upper atmosphere :)
watch for humor at the end. thanks to ar0cketman

really nice animation of esa robotic delivery vehicle
the space shuttle's external fuel tank is more interesting than it seems :)
amazing piloting, please ignore the comments
a trip to saturn? looks a little bumpy on this nuclear-bomb-powered rocket! thanks to ar0cketman
a small collection of wingless aircraft -- interesting ideas! thanks to ar0cketman

Zimmerman's "Flying Shoes" -- a one-person Flying Platform
great story... can we just all switch to metric and get it over with :)