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XD that reminds me of the gaffe made by Seagate's CEO. still funny though
lol... it's like dawkins reads "how is babby formed" XD
i hope people take this with good humor... it's probably why there's a prohibition against graven images you know
mmm, babies ;) too bad this fella's knee joints bend the opposite way of ours

phew, i thought they'd never get off that island! ;D what a good sport richard simmons is
over-the-top, as usual... thanks for pointing out what presidential elections are *really* about ;)
:) the internet is obliged to ridicule propaganda, regardless of its source
haha, this reminds me of seagate's ceo...
weird, charming and enjoyable... destined to be a kids toy of 2011
heh heh, benny hill shows us the truth :)

whew, hot topic... this piece is full of racist & sexist stereotypes. on the other hand, i laughed at it. so basically i'm willing to laugh at stereotypes in cases where i would never laugh at actual human beings. cool. :)