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Troubleshooting - 1

If you completely messed up your layout

Can't see your links anymore ?

In your Firefox menu select "View"

Then click "Page Style" and "No Style"

This will show your blog but ignores the Style Sheet.

Now click "Style" and copy&paste your code into a text file (Notepad, Wordpad or the like). Thus you can send it to me to check where you made the mistake :-)

Here's the original code of the Style Sheet

Start from scratch. Delete your code completely and copy&paste the following code into your Style Sheet.

body { background-color: white; color: black; }
a { color: blue; }
.invertlink { background-color: blue; color: white; }
div.hairline { border-color: silver; }
.review div.bar { background-color: lightgrey; }
.review div.text { font: normal 100% arial,helvetica,sans-serif }

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