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They finally found out that kids are not clever enough to recognize photoshopped images ? Well, they should do that very same campaign for all the grown-ups too. Maybe then that insane yearning to look like some plastic pseudo celebrity will be a little curbed.

Children to be shown airbrushed Britney Spears pictures

Primary school pupils will be shown airbrushed images of a scantily-clad Britney Spears as part of an attempt to show them the “impossible standard” set by advertising and media.

Children aged 10 and 11 will be warned, in a lesson plan backed by a senior minister, that almost all photos shown in adverts have been manipulated and that many show “a degree of perfection which is unattainable in society”.

They will be told that reading magazines lowers their self-esteem, putting their physical and mental health at risk, and asked to consider if “you need to be beautiful in order to be a good or loveable person”.

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