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Here's the Categorian Beginner's First Aid Kit - CONTENTS


Part One - Background Color

Part Two - Background Image

Part Two /a - Background with Photo

Part Two /b - Background Image Sizing

Part Three - Background for Blog Posts

Part Three /a - Background for Single Blog Posts


Part Four - Blog Width

Part Four /a - Move your Blog


Part Five - Photoblogging ? You can do better than that !

Part Six - How to post a photo and make it look good

Example - How to position text and images


Part Seven - Let's talk about fonts

Part Seven /a - Fonts in the Style Sheet - CSS

Part Seven /b - Fonts in the blog posts - HTML

Part Eight /a - Text Formatting - Basics

Part Eight /b - Text Formatting - Columns

General Formatting

Part Nine - Simple Borders

Part Nine /a - Advanced Borders

Part Ten - Linking

Part 11 - Embedding


Part I - Completely messed up your layout ?

Part II - Bandwidth Exceeded

Do it yourself

Create a semi-transparent image


Addendum I - Punctuation Is Powerful !

...to be continued

Suggestions for topics are welcome :-)