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Should have posted this months ago......

These guys are heroes now. Made us all very happy :-)

Erm, actually I wonder why nobody has thought of this before ?
Excellent !

A new lease of life for an ancient technology

Using the free energy of the falling water, the old wheel uses new electric technology – a generator tucked away in a small room behind the wheel – to produce electricity.

Last year alone, the Gollmitzer generated 90,000 kilowatt hours of energy –equivalent to the consumption of 25 households. About 15,000 kilowatt hours of that power is used to operate the mill and vacation apartments that Kai Rogzinski has built nearby.

The rest is fed directly into the electricity grid. Thanks to the German Renewable Energy Act, network operators are obligated to take in and distribute clean energy that is generated. ...more

Source: Deutsche Welle

Well, after all, cops are just people like you and me.

How about this? POLICE CHANGE SIDES!

How about this!
From Occupy Frankfurt. May 19, 2012.
The German police took off their helmets and marched with the protesters- clearing the way for them.

The police coming over to serve and protect the people... Blockupy Frankfurt. Police are escorting. Reports of an estimated 20,000+ protesters. Nice to see their faces.... and their humanity coming through...

Source: DemocraticUnderground.com

Edosan sent me this - thank you :-)

For those of you who have no idea what it feels like to be subject to censorship.

This is what we get for most content on YouTube. The site has become nearly useless to us because even private videos that have some kind of soundtrack are blocked.

It is disgusting and - if only they would realize it before it's too late - totally contrary to their intentions. Greed often backfires, as it will in this case.

GEMA Censorship in Germany

This is from a German movie from 1997 (I think) about two guys who find out that they have terminal cancer and who decide that they want to see the ocean before they die. So they steal a car which unfortunately contains a briefcase full of drug money.... well, things happen before they finally make it.

Great, great movie.

Knocking on Heaven's Door

This is the end of the movie. Must see.

What a fabulous idea ! I hate roller coasters - but this one ? For me a must see :-)

Stroller coaster... the sculpture that gives walkers the pleasure of a fairground ride without the pace

If you are terrified of roller coasters this is definitely the easy way to experience the thrill.

In fact this isn't actually a roller coaster at all but a huge towering sculpture in Duisburg, Germany.

It has been built on top of a mining waste tip at the Heinrich-Hildebrand-Height in the Angerpark, which opened in 2008.

Visitors can climb on the curved sculpture and walk around, taking in the surrounding views from the spiral walkways - but not at the breakneck speed usually associated with roller coasters.

Named 'Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain', the 20-metre landmark was designed to be a focal point for the Ruhr region and stands 85 metres above sea level.


Source: Daily Mail