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Should have posted this months ago......

These guys are heroes now. Made us all very happy :-)

Very touching moment - Irish fans singing when their team lost 0:4 to Spain.
Just for that the team ought to be allowed to continue and the country with the worst hooligan fans be kicked out of the competition.

Irish fans singing The Fields of Athenry, Spain v Ireland Euro 2012

Irish fans singing The Fields of Athenry, Spain v Ireland Euro 2012 from Artur Firlet on Vimeo.

I think this is a great service. We're so not doing enough for the handicapped. I must ask a blind friend of mine if he knows about this. He's not a soccer fan but maybe he's heard of it. If not, it's just another incidence of a service available to the handicapped not being adequately made known and consequently not being made use of.

The Gift of Sight for Blind Football Fans

FC Augsburg's service for its blind fans means it now matches up to most other Bundesliga clubs, says Jörn Seinsch, son of the team's president, Walther Seinsch. Berlin club Hertha BSC, for example, has reserved dozens of seats per game for its seeing-impaired fans since it launched its service in 2005. Bundesliga powerhouse Bayern Munich likewise began offering specialized commentary for blind stadium-goers in 2005. Reigning Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund offers seats for 20 visually impaired fans at their stadium.

And now FC Augsburg, which plays at the 30,660-seat SGL Arena, can accommodate up to 10 seeing-impaired soccer enthusiasts, with Seinsch and his team of commentators giving fans like Anna-Maria the chance to experience a soccer game first hand.

Source: Spiegel Online