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This is a very beautiful piece !

Joe Cocker (born 20 May 1944) is an English
rock/blues singer who came to popularity in
the 1960s, most known for his gritty voice
and his cover versions of popular songs,
particularly those of The Beatles. Joe Cocker
was born in Sheffield, England, the youngest
son of a civil servant. In 1961 Joe by day,
worked as an apprentice gas fitter and by
night, in dark suit and bow tie, became
Vance Arnold singing with The Avengers in
rough Sheffield pubs.

Thinking of Harry Chapin
A kewl video of his legacy
Hope you watch if you do not know who he is this gives a little insight to him...
I was lucky enough to have meet him a couple of times after his concerts...
I was just one of the many people who wanted to meet a larger than life personality...
He was what I would call a Superman and an Every Day Man rolled up into one....

Why Do Little Girls
by Harry Chapin

Song about " Double standards " ... Proud to say my little girl has grown up to be a very strong woman and wonderful mother ...

Eddi Reader - Bell, Book and Candle
I like her voice...

Bell, Book, and Candle to keep your Ghost away ....

A little Trivia for you ....

The saying comes from a method of excommunication of someone who has committed a very bad sin.

After a Bishop recites a long passage (which I will not quote) 12 priests would respond "So be it!" The bishop would ring a bell to evoke a death toll, close a holy book to symbolize the ex-communicant's separation from the church, and snuff out a candle or candles, knocking them to the floor to represent the target's soul being extinguished and removed from the light of God.

Dang that seems a little harsh ... thank goodness I am a good little Wicked fellow...
Keep smiling and hope you enjoy the video ... Seemed fitting for Halloween ...

Haha boy do I remember this one .... My niece and I would dance and sing it over and over again ....
I am sure she doesn't remember it now, it has been a few years. Hmmm probably a good thing she could have been traumatized to badly by it (my singing and dancing ) ... :- )

Here is another one we would sing ... Gosh she is 15 now ...

Hard not to listen and not want to move ...

" Lily Was Here "
Candy Dulfer on Sax
and on Guitar, Ulco Bed

I am a Nickelback Fan ... Hope you enjoy ...

Love this Dynamic Duo ... Pomplamoose
If you haven't heard them before they are a little quirky but what fun and talent ...
Hope you enjoy ....

Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

Anyone remember this one with Eric Burdon and the group War

Beautiful song by a lovely lady... Eddi Reader
Hope you enjoy ...

Lyrics to Bell, Book and Candle :

Blue around a morning moon
The color of your eyes
I remember holding you
A fall through summer skies
You're everything that I've become
Every word I say
I need a bell, book, and candle
To keep your ghost away

White horses on a troubled sea
Your smile will flash through time
Up ahead a blackbird's wing
Your hair will come to mind
Every night I see your face
When I have to pray
I need a bell, a book, and candle
To keep your ghost away

Keep your ghost away,
Keep your ghost away,
I need a bell, a book, and candle
To keep your ghost away

Just before the thunder roars
I sense you next to me
And as I move through nature
I know where you will be
So I must keep myself apart
Thats where I'll stay
With a bell, a book, and candle
To keep your ghost away

(repeat first verse)

Another song by Ms. Reader titled "You're Welcome Willie Stewart"
Which was written by Robert Burns.

A little background on Mr. Burns....

It's fair to say that Scotland's favorite son Robert Burns loved the ladies, well he did father 13 children (that we know about) to 4 different women. With so much of his work dedicated to the countless loves of his life, this beautiful song was written by Burns about his best pal, sidekick and drinking partner Willie Stewart. The remarkable thing about this song was that Burns wrote it by scratching the lyrics into a crystal tumbler during a drinking session in his local tavern which was then acquired by Sir Walter Scott and preserved at Abbotsford House and can still be viewed today.

A little background on Ms. Reader

Eddi Reader (born Sadenia Reader; 29 August 1959) , the daughter of a welder, and the eldest of seven children (her brother, Francis, is vocalist with the band The Trash Can Sinatras). She was nicknamed Edna by her parents. Growing up in Glasgow and Irvine, Scotland and it was in those towns that she learned to use music as a vehicle for communicating with others through busking and performing at the local folk clubs. In the early 1980s, Eddi traveled around Europe with circus and performance artists before moving to London where she quickly became a sought after session vocalist. She famously harmonized with Annie Lennox touring with the Eurythmics, after her time with successful punk outfit Gang of Four. It was the short-lived but warmly remembered Fairground Attraction that really brought her into the limelight and to the attention of a much wider audience. The single 'Perfect' and parent album First of a Million Kisses both topped the British charts.

You can also read more here on Her web site.

I enjoyed this video sent to me by my friend Paul Caridad ...

This is my first ever video on YouTube.....
And of course I have to thank Mr. Ronald Jenkees for the
inspiration to do put it together....
His song Outer Space is Out of this world.... Pun intended ...
I hope other Star Gazers will enjoy it....
I had fun and learned a lot while doing it...
Take care all and keep looking to the stars.

From the album "Disorganized Fun"
Buy the music here:


Got to looking back and talking with a friend and this song came to mind.

Pieces of April

Great Song and so well done....

Stand By Me | Playing For Change |
Song Around The World from Concord Music Group.

Something about this song that moves me !
I don't have a brother but do have a son who is a great guy.
I remember riding him around on my shoulders and all the fun we had way back when.
I don't get to see him as much as I would like anymore but in my heart he will always be.
It is amazing where music can take you in your life what a wonderful time machine !
Hope you enjoy the song by the Hollies.

Great Song !
Eclectic gathering of Artists of some who are gone now.....Sigh.....

Native American - Amazing Grace (in Cherokee)
.....Beautifully done.....

This is so much fun to watch and listen to.
Hope everyone enjoys.

An old Irish lullaby
" This is for you Little Haven "
Ole Papaw loves you. . . . :- )

Haven is my pretty little granddaughter....
This was sent to me by a friend and reminded me of Haven.
She dresses up at times, like all little girls.....

Thanks to a good friend for sending the vid my way...