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Harry Morgan (April 10, 1915 – December 7, 2011)
He was 96 years young....

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He was widely known for his roles as Colonel Sherman T. Potter in M*A*S*H (1975–1983), I remember him from the TV show " Pete and Gladys" (1960–1962) as Pete Porter, also was in Dragnet as Detective Bill Gannon (1967–1970). He was in more movies than I can count ...."Apple Dumpling Gang" comes to mind as a cute comedy... He wasn't ever the leading man but he like other character actors made the movies they were in more interesting and sometimes the best part of the movie....

Leo Gordon (1922–2000)
Does the name ring a bell?

Image Hosted by Big, burly, character actor, one of the toughest of screen heavies, Leo Gordon's powerful physique, combined with his deep, menacing voice, was guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of even the bravest screen hero.

He seemed so mean even bears and wolves would step aside and clear him a path. Well they had good reason to stay out of his way .... He lead a pretty rough life when he was young growing up in New York during the depression with his dad. He joined the US Army but only stayed in for two years, seems the Army liked order and discipline but Leo didn't ... After an honorable discharge he found himself without anywhere to live or skills for a job, which led him into trouble with the law and convicted of armed robbery. He was sentenced to four years in San Quentin State Prison. Where he continued to stayed in trouble ... no one wanted to fool with him ... guards or prisoners, stealing a line from Jim Croce Leo was meaner than a junkyard dog. After Leo served his time he returned to New York, using his benifits from the GI Bill, he took up acting lessons at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Now could you imagine trying to act with him or even worse giving him the lessons... Well Ms. Grace Kelly and Ms. Anne Bancroft did plus Mr. Jason Robards was his instructor. It was there at the Academy that he meet his wife to be Lynn Cartwright, they were married in 1950 and was together until his death in 2000.

I was trying to think of my favorite parts that Mr. Gordon played ... One just jumps out at me and is from my favorite John Wayne movie "McClintock" ... He is the guy that his daughter disappears and the settlers accuse some Indians and are fixin' to hang the old Indian chief and a couple of his warriors. Ole McClintock and him (Gordon) have a few words and up rides the daughter on a horse with a local cowpoke ... Things get heated and the famous line from John Wayne comes out "Somebody oughta belt you but I won't! I won't! The hell I won't." And thus the big mud fight begins as Gordons character slides down the muddy hill... Nothing like a good mud fight ... Some say it is even good for your skin... Hmm off track there... He was also in another John Wayne that comes to mind "Hondo" ... wow that was a good one.

Anyway Leo Gordon is one of the Character actors that you see a lot in the older movies, TV and say " Hey I know that guy but what is his name? "
You remember him from Andy Griffith Show as the convict who they were sure wanted revenage on Andy for shooting him ... But all he wanted to do was give Andy a shot gun for turning his life around.

One more thing he was also a screenwriter for movies and TV ... as Leo V. Gordon. I think his life might make an interesting story and man could Hollywood use one right now. All we get out of them now is remakes that really stink and CG comic book stuff.
Look up Mr. Gordon on the net and see what else you can find on him, you might be surprised. There are lots of other interesting folks in the movies and TV that are not plastered all over the front of the paper. There are very few one man shows out there and it is the character actors who really make going to the theater or setting down in front of the TV worth it... But that is just me thinking out loud ....