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Tourist Benjamin Hughes encounters a cool 3D optical illusion painting at The Gallery at Ice in Windsor, England. The artwork is known as a "reverspective" and the style was originally created by British artist Patrick Hughes (no relation) in the 1960s.

 photo road-kumbakarna-laga-statues-bali-botanic-gardens-kandicuning-bedugul-bali-indonesia_zps337879e6.png

Kumbakarna Laga Statue - Bali Botanic Gardens

If you love me, and this comes up for auction, I need this. (Er - the scuplture, therein)

It is a thing of unmatched beauty in my eyes, it's taken its inspirations from so
many of my favourite sculptors and has so much magic and mystery about it - I want! I want!

 photo 0696_3679_500_zpsca56934b.jpeg

Cicero D'Avila - Cariatide Ruiv

Miyoko Shida, a true spiritual master, is also a Japanese artist who became an internet sensation with this YouTube video.

It's aim? To show us that every moment of life is sacred, special, and unique - and should be treated as such.
Not one piece of the sculpture is there without a purpose. Each piece is vital for the whole structure
to be possible. Demonstrating how life is interconnected, everything and everyone is necessary to
support creation.

To quote Buddha, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.
When the mind is pure - joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”

Michael Talbots Ophelia photo 6595_0b69_zps0fb32586.jpeg


Michael Talbot

Detail of Bernini’s Medusa, c. 1630.

Amazing artist.

Well worth a visit to his site. I'd post his work but am too lazy to go about stealing his images just now ;)


Kuss II © Gregor Gaida, 2008
80 x 50 x 40 cm
aluminium, lacquer

Rest von Schwarz (detail) © Gregor Gaida, 2008
200 x 180 x 195 cm
polyester resin, wood
prayed lacquer, iron

 photo tumblr_ly2euxjn7h1qarjnpo1_500_zps1078fb27.jpg

Sleeping Hermaphrodite

2008 - 2010

sculpture: Belgian Black Marble
base: Carrara Marble, stainless steel, Delrin

 photo z3_zps6271d758.jpg

 photo z6_zps16ede32a.jpg

Pensive Mechanical Bodhisattva by Wang Zi Won

Hair by Peter Gray & Masa Honda

Photographed by Takahiro Ogawa for the Asian Beauty Expo


Premonition, 2008
10 x 28 x 6in.
Ceramic & Mixed Media


Damien Hirst

God I love this piece - but the EYES! Why the dead, flat eyes? Sigh.
It's stunning and teeming with life...and then suddenly the main focus of her face
that should convey all the emotion - are instead flat. They reveal and reflect nothing.
No passion, no sadness, no longing, just....nothing.

What an incredibly sad, missed opportunity for greatness.

I Did What I Could, 2010 - Peter Martin

In Mortal Repose - 2011
Bronze, cast concrete
72 x 71 x 63 1/4 inches

Sarah-Jane Lynagh


Simon Schubert

Crystal Brass Knuckles (I am going to realign your chakras motherfucker) 2009
Quartz crystals, sterling silver
7 x 6 x 2.5 in

The Camel was God, the Camel was Shot - Terence Koh 2007
Cast of Artist's body - bronze and white patina


"Song of Songs" 2005.
Enameled cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, rubber. 39" x 20"x 21".


"Acts: Prosthetic" 2002.
Iron, rubber. 10" x 14" x 19"

Paper Porcelain - Siba Sahabi

VooDoo Blues Doctor by Dan Dalton
14" x 19"
Mixed Media Collage
Korean artist Yoo Young-Wun creates these amazing sculptures out of old books, magazines and flyers.

made from catalogues and flyers

19 yr old Jjangu
made from text books


Sara 2007, c-print, 47 x 55 inches, edition of 5, 2 large 3 small


Furniture Bondage: Janneke 2007, c-print, 59 x 47.5 inches, edition of 5 , 2 large and 3 small
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kevin Cyr is actually an incredible painter, also - but I love these far more.

Paul Martu's Early Tools hammer
DIMENSIONS > 36" x 13" x 3.5" MATERIALS > cast iron | lace wood

Martu is the same guy that made this tres cool 'hand wrench' that I posted a while back.

Cassette Tape Art. I love these things.


Jimi Hendrix


Bob Dylan
Oh my god - come look - she's amazing.