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Cicero D'Avila - Cariatide Ruiv

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Wacław Wantuch

Helpmeat 0013 - Brett Despotovich
Conte on Mylar

Chloe Piene
Mmasturbator, 2003
Charcoal on vellum
40 x 46 inches

Um, ew

I feel sullied and unusual - like I just walked in on my parents or something.

Oh, and Rrrick? You're a sick, sick man. Bless your twisted little heart.

"I like gods. I like them very much. I know exactly how they feel."

Le mapris (1963)

"Protest Piece"
Stan Plotner

Way to take something as wholesome and life-giving as milk, and make it sleazy, cheap and disgusting.

Digital archival print
40" x 40"
Edition of 5



Study for Bedroom Painting #61, 1983

Estimate £5,000-7,000

Sold at £12,500

via the wonderful snowflurrybaker

We humans are inclined to forget or ignore the principles of existence. They include: every action directly impacts our environment, change is unavoidable, stasis is unnatural, time is beyond our influence, conception is the commencement of death as well as life, and many others. Our challenge is to humbly accept Nature's gifts and live by the lessons set before us without imposing our arrogant will upon each other and the planet.


As humans more fully embrace technology we feel an increasing sense of anxiety, disorientation and fear. To compensate, our desire for predictability and order ignites a voracious hunger for control that induces us to force Nature to relinquish her secrets. Once a trusted provider, she is now viewed as "shifty", inadequate, and needing improvement. We manipulate our surroundings in an attempt to manage time, eliminate unforeseen change, and establish a permanent sense of stability. We go to great lengths to surround ourselves with psychological, physical, spiritual, social, and cultural environments that we hope will last. The result is an increasingly artificial existence.



The candlewick bedspread, and the horribly stuffed cat add just the perfect amount of whimsy. Er, for me, anyway.

Lorelei - Colette Calascione
Oil on Wood (2001)
16" x 20

I don't even know what's going on here, as the whole page is in Russian. But the page consists of a benign pic - followed by a host of comments. In one of those comments, someone posted this wee gem.

Untitled (With Mask) 2007 oil on canvas 48 x 60

"The Full Body Project," is an arresting collection of black-and-white nude photographs featuring full-bodied women, who stare into the camera, practically daring us to judge them on their nakedness or their size. Nimoy is one of the few contemporary artists (another would be British artist Jenny Saville) working with full-figured models these days.


Will Cotton, COTTON CANDY CLOUDS, 2004, oil on linen, 75x100 inch

Nude I, 2008
Oil on linen
49 1⁄2 x 67 in./ 125.73 x 170.18 cm

"Clair de Lune"
Oil on canvas
26 x 20 inches

Sculpture by Richard Stipl.
From the page: "No two creatures are created equal. We are, each one of us, as different as two sunsets, as unique us our fingerprints. So it is with the female sex flower. It is as diverse as our very existence. It is life's most vital organ."

What complete shite. There isn't any sort of diverse representation here. This photographer's blatant preference for shaved, anaemic-looking vaginas is thinly disguised -ironically- as an "erotic art project".

(And "female sex flower"??!? Are you kidding me?)

I've had belly button lint that was more erotic than this.

"...Do not anger the velocigina..."
Steven Assael is my new favourite thing. His compositions are fantastic, and both his painting and drawing style are supremely enviable. It's artists like him that inspire me to get off my ass and start painting again....