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A man was feeding a baby hummingbird, found half dead on the ground outside his office building, when he noticed a worried mom hummingbird flying past his window. He opened it up and the mother bird started feeding her baby right away. After a while, she found enough courage to feed it in the palm of his hand. He's now sleeping on the window sill with the windows open so his mom can keep feeding him and checking on him

Holy shit that's crazy.

"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...."

To me: One of the most stunningly beautiful animals on the planet.

Tonquin Valley
Jasper National Park, Alberta

Spirit Island on Maligne Lake

Jasper National Park

I have to go to this place. It told me so.



Haunting, and incredibly beautiful.

Amazing Asperatus cloud at sunset in New Zealand

I could watch these documentaries all day. I'd be a marine biologist in another life.

Crazy amazing time-lapse of the night sky. The dolly, lighting and crane work blow my mind.


Beautiful Lyre.

Amazing works of art and architecture.


Amazing - but now I'm going to have to check in every few minutes to see what's happening...

You're such a jerk, akapearlofagirl.



This is amazing.

Baby armadillo.
Curiouser and curiouser.
"A Maori legend about a giant, man-eating bird has been confirmed by scientists. Te Hokioi was a huge black-and-white predator with a red crest and yellow-green tinged wingtips, in an account given to Sir George Gray, an early governor of New Zealand. It was said to be named after its cry and to have "raced the hawk to the heavens". Scientists now think the stories handed down by word of mouth and depicted in rock drawings refer to Haast's eagle, a raptor that became extinct just 500 years ago, shows their study in The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Haast's eagle (Harpagornis moorei) was discovered in swamp deposits by Sir Julius von Haast in the 1870s. But it was at first thought to be a scavenger because its bill was similar to a vulture's with hoods over its nostrils to stop flesh blocking its air passages as it rooted around inside carcasses.

But a re-examination of skeletons using modern technology, including CAT scans, by researchers at Canterbury Museum in Christchurch and the University of New South Wales in Australia showed it had a strong enough pelvis to support a killing blow as it dived at speeds of up to 80kph."

The rainforests of Cherrapunji are credited with being one of the wettest places on Earth, and timber bridges would quickly rot - so the locals have an innovative solution - grow bridges out of living trees.

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Like many in the banyan family, the rubber fig has secondary roots that grow above the soil surface. By guiding these roots across chasms, villagers can slowly grow a strong, permanent bridge.

Stinging rose caterpillars, also known as the rose slug caterpillars, are the bizarre larvae of handsome green and pale brown moths. The black-tipped spines on the elongate body wall projections have poison glands at their bases. Venom enters the skin of humans or animals when the caterpillars are touched and the tips of the spines break off. The caterpillars are said to be capable of producing skin irritation similar to that produced by saddleback caterpillar, which is considered among the most severe urticating caterpillars in North America.


The stuff of nightmares - via I-did-what.

"The salt marsh-dwelling wolf spider Arctosa fulvolineata can revive itself from comas after up to 40 hours of "drowning," according to an April 2009 report."
I covet.