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A dali-ng of a gift (it works in my accent, damn it) - from the incredibly sweet-hearted, mensa mensh: Strophariad.

Jason Lee's Vintage Triumph Thunderbird 750 'Bullet Falcon' Bobber

There's some crazy-funky-cool stuff going on here.

Black Dynamite: Now you be cool, baby, Bee here will keep you tight and outta sight. Dynamite's gonna shake the tree from the roots, rake up the fruits, rip it up out the ground to find out what's goin down. Don't worry bout tomorrow cause tonight, Dyna...
Hoe: Dynamite's gonna make it all right!
Black Dynamite: Euphoria, shut the fuck up! I know that was you, I ain't even gotta look! I should send your ass back to Crenshaw Pete with his hot ass coat hangers, bitch! Would you like that?


Black Dynamite: Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery!


Patricia Nixon: You're so righteous.
Black Dynamite: This is also true.