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Movie Trailer for "Vanishing Pearls".

Really important viewing, in my humble opinion...about the 'real' effects of the BP Oil Spill still going on in Louisiana.

 photo ku-xlarge_zps1e436947.gif

Macro footage of a match head igniting at 4,000 frames per second.

The Noise of Cairo (Trailer)

Documentary about the art scene in Cairo after the revolution.

“The Noise of Cairo” follows the interplay between art and the revolution in Egypt. Protest of any
kind was punished violently in pre-revolutionary Egypt and artistic expression was considered
nothing but a threat to the status quo. But since the fall of the Mubarak dictatorship, the art scene
in Cairo is flourishing once again.

Twelve influencers from Cairo’s cultural scene lead us on a journey to understand the unique
role artists played during the revolution in Cairo. The artists of Cairo, who refused to quiet down,
come together to be heard. These individuals create “The Noise of Cairo”.

Jesus christ, that's one sexy voice-over.

(HA - evidently I am not above shameless self promotion)