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Tourist Benjamin Hughes encounters a cool 3D optical illusion painting at The Gallery at Ice in Windsor, England. The artwork is known as a "reverspective" and the style was originally created by British artist Patrick Hughes (no relation) in the 1960s.

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See....I 'do' give a rat's ass.

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I think I may have dated one of these wily bastards...

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"Danton" - Wieslaw Walkuski

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As shoe trends have changed drastically over the last few hundred years, one truth seems to remain: Heels can really hurt. Whether you’re teetering in six-inch Louboutins or in your sensible shoes, there’s a precariousness about even putting them on, which makes wearing them part of the fun. But historically, some heels are more torturous than most: Take, for example, the Spanish Inquisition’s Iron Boot, filled with boiling water, or the medieval foot press, reminiscent of a panini-maker for your feet. And more recently, too, designers have innovated shoes that verge on the insane – elaborate pieces that are part style, part art, part fetish object. From Alexander McQueen’s amphibian Armadillo Heel to the completely inflexible Backwards Heels and beyond, click through our slideshow of the 50 most torturous, fascinating heels of all time.

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Love is pain, and Spanish artist David Catá knows that feeling better than most. Not content to carry snapshots of his nearest and dearest around in his wallet, the 21-year-old has chosen to embroider their likenesses into the palms of his hands. Catá creates each portrait by gingerly piercing the top layer of his skin with a needle, then drawing a length of colored floss through to create a stitch. The entire process takes four hours to complete, after which Catá picks the threads from his hand to reveal the barest outline of each face—and surprisingly little blood. Others may wince at his technique, but Catá says the pain is only superficial and "no boundary."

This site and photograph are by Aso Mohammadi.

For some reason Categorian's HTML naming conventions didn't like his site name. Oh well.

Some were obvious and stupid, and some were obviously stupid - but I thought this one was awesome.

Absolutely horrifying. I couldn't look away.

A sample of beads made from human ashes by Bae Jae-yul, founder and CEO of Bonhyang.

I wonder if the blue ones are from belly button lint.

Hmm. It wasn't written on April 13, nor is it posted on 'The Onion'....

That's some mean bathtub acid.

A lovely frock sent to me by MisterGoofy

God I want to wear this.

Especially if I the wee dears have articulated, snapping jaws - perfect for grabby mitts. Faaabulous, daahlink.

The golden "booty" on this horse fly led an Australian researcher to name it after pop diva Beyonce.

Utrecht Goitre (Utrechtse Krop) is the title of a collection of photographs by Paul Kooiker.
The book includes images of the file Utrecht University Hospital, some of them around 1890.

“Utrechtse Krop” (Utrecht goitre) was the name given to a thyroid condition once common
in the Dutch town of Utrecht, due to a deficiency of iodine in drinking water.

I can only imagine what an immeasurable burden this has been for this poor girl throughout her life.
But when I look at her face, and even at the particular area itself....I just think she's incredibly beautiful.


The more you look, the more terrifying it gets.

Electrographics of a Hand 1900 Herman Schnauss

I'm sorry,


"Transgenic" is not a word I want to be associated with something I imbibe.
Well isn't this a cheery little corner.

Luckily I have fresh coffee - I think I'll be here for a while...

I had to leave a review for this horrendousness -

because even 15 minutes later, I am 'still' feeling the need to projectile vomit.

Grrreaat. Just when I thought my fear of those beasts couldn't get worse.

Fucking Spider Rape??

I'll never sleep again.


in "Pearl Anklet"


I cannot remove the image of the woman inserting an old-school egg beater up her husband's klacker. Or rather, the image of what comes after she starts rapidly turning the handle.



Thank you for your interest in the Ex-Homosexual t-shirt! Our devotion
is Jesus Christ and to point people to Him in sincere love that will
lead them to biblical repentance.

In order to purchase this shirt we ask that you email us your
testimony of how and why you are an Ex-Homosexual. We have found that
wearing this shirt brings forth immediate ministry and it's very
important to us that those who wear this shirt are willing and ready to
minister, encourage, and testify to those who come their way.

So please feel free to email us your testimony if you are
interested in purchasing this shirt. Also, check out the new
Ex-Homosexual video! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

God bless,

Apparently Yves Saint Laurent thought that looking like a giant, ribbed vibrator was going to appeal to the discerning bride in 1965.

Marlin Daley "bottleneck" handcuffs - patented in 1879.


Bean's handcuffs - patented in 1899.

When I was at University, my house was opposite a large tract of farmland belonging to an agricultural research station.

It was quite picturesque; lush green pastures spiked with magnificent old pines, and sheep and cows dotting the landscape...
Until, early one morning - my once peaceful and picturesque view was no longer: the cows had bloody windows.


The headline in Huffington was "Susan Sarandon vomited on by a Transsexual".

Best. Headline. Ever.

This one's for you. I figure I owed you one for the baby gif.

"A growth in the brain of newborn Sam Esquibel was believed to be a tumor, but in fact was a nearly perfect foot." 
(Special to The Post | Tiffnie Esquibel)

**Sorry, I would have posted the pic with the article, but the link is no longer active

Edit: patrickjluke ever so kindly found the link: http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_11240949

Thank you, sir!

From the Museo della Cere anatomiche (Museum of Wax Anatomy), Bologna, Italy

"...she came across "Batter Blaster" pancake mix in a spray can and figured that was perfect.

When Bianca made her last pancake of the day, she saw something unique.

She said she recognized it instantly, the Virgin Mary right there on her pancake."

Okay so I know that the main thrust of the story is the Virgin Mary in a pancake,




Think of the Centaur Orphans.

Er, Orphens.

This is bizarre.

Half of me is really upset about what's happening to these poor bears...

And then the other half of me is completely creeped out because they look like werewolves.

Roberta: That piece is entitled "Mirror, Father, Mirror." I like to show it to people that I'm meeting for the first time because I feel it says so much about who I am and what it feels like to inhabit my specific skin.

I know I am going to hell - but the glove on his flipper made me snort a little.

I'm all class.
There is no denying she's adorable.

But jesus h. christ, she's a total fruitloop.

"I was asked by Tokion magazine to create a piece for the project section in the new June/July issue, based on the theme of sex. So I took a sex and consumerism approach and created this can."

I don't even know what's going on here, as the whole page is in Russian. But the page consists of a benign pic - followed by a host of comments. In one of those comments, someone posted this wee gem.
A South Carolina judge has ordered the closure of a South Carolina funeral home where a worker cut off the legs of a body to fit in a casket.


Twenty-seven-year-old Tiago Primo and his 20-year-old brother Gabriel spend 12 hours a day in the bed, hammock, chair and dining table they've attached to a bright red-and-yellow wall as part of an art exhibit in Rio's old center.

Dear Rrrick,

If I'm extra good....please, sir, may I have this for Christmas?
How we catch marlin down under -

...this crazed bastard jumps head first from a helicopter ON to the marlin, catches it and rides it, just using his bare hands.

The slow and infirmed are going in there, too.

It's an "...innocent experimentation with fuel cells that run on blood".

Uh huh.
"I dress my guinea pig as if it was a countryside woman who picks out alfalfa all day to give out to its babies"

"I suddenly saw that directly to the North, over Onkoul's Tunguska road, the sky split in two and fire appeared high and wide over the forest... The split in the sky grew larger, and the entire Northern side was covered with fire. At that moment I became so hot that I couldn't bear it, as if my shirt was on fire; from the northern side, where the fire was, came strong heat. I wanted to tear off my shirt and throw it down, but then the sky shut closed, and a strong thump sounded, and I was thrown a few yards. I lost my senses for a moment, but then my wife ran out and led me to the house. After that such noise came, as if rocks were falling or cannons were firing, the earth shook, and when I was on the ground, I pressed my head down, fearing rocks would smash it. When the sky opened up, hot wind raced between the houses, like from cannons, which left traces in the ground like pathways, and it damaged some crops. Later we saw that many windows were shattered, and in the barn a part of the iron lock snapped."

Shelves for Life: upon dying, your loved ones can whip out a Swedish Allen key, and turn your crappy furniture into a coffin.
From the article:

"He happened to be riding a wave in - jumped off the board and landed on the shark," McNair said. "It bit him when he hit him."

How cool is that?

Stolen from Mistergoofy

My nickname was "giraffe" when I was a teenager. I was just shy of 6 feet, and 100 lbs soaking wet.

Oh yeah:

Giraffe, and "gangly bitch".

Nowadays, sadly not a lot of angles, or gangles. I'm a victim of gravity and low air pressure.

http://www.orlan.net/ to see her transformations. Sweet jesus.

Orlan is not her name. Her face is not her face. Soon her body will not be her body. Paradox is her content; subversion is her technique. Her features and limbs are endlessly photographed and reproduced; in France, she appears in mass- media magazines and on television talk shows. Each time she is seen she looks different, because her performances take place in the operating room and involve plastic surgery. What we actually know about the video- and- performance artist who calls herself "Orlan" is less than what is known about Orlon, the synthetic fiber whose trade name closely resembles her chosen alias. This assumed name, moreover, will in turn be altered: when the total self-transformation she plans is complete, an advertising agency will select a new name consonant with her new image.

Throughout her career as a well- known French multimedia artist, Orlan has trafficked in notions of an ambiguous and constantly shifting identity. Her actions call into question whether our self- representations conform to an inner reality or whether they are actually carefully contrived falsehoods fabricated for marketing purposes--in the media or in society at large.

Never one for waste, Anna Nicole would harvest her hairballs and make mittens for the poor.

If David Bowie and Thom Yorke had a baby.

And then it got a perm.
Attempts to steal 'green' nail polish, extra-long fake eyelashes and cheap perfume. Upon being caught: offers to shag the cops.

When that fails, waves a "well-used" sanitary napkin as some kind of a weapon.

Now that's classy.

The work is by Israeli artist Boaz Arad who says he is hoping to show how the Holocaust has scarred Israel, but also been misused by it.

He says the rug is a representation of what a Nazi hunter would do if he caught the ultimate prize, the Nazi leader.
Creepiest bindis ever.

As a kiwi, even I am a little taken aback by this one.

Thanks to the indomitable KristenlColby, for this gem.
This funky little thing is an Ajolote. He is a two-legged, underground reptile found in Mexico.

Delicious chocolate embryos - not just for breakfast anymore.

On the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider: It's frequently described as "larger than a dinner plate," presumably because spider-scientists don't want to freak people out with the significantly more relevant "big enough to fit over your face."
Okay so the main article is dubious enough - but this outrageous:

"The highest officially recorded number of children born to one Russian mother is 69. Between 1725 and 1765, in a total of 27 pregnancies, she gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets. 67 of them survived infancy."

Jebus. She's a human clown car.
Jebus. The last pic where he's striving for that sexy badass look, whilst wearing toddlers pyjamas is just disturbing. Ack - and the bulge! *shudder*
My eyes! My eyes!
Extremely interesting article on islands around the world, including some man-made ones.
While I find some of these incredibly fascinating (esp. the savant and the lion whisperer) I hate how we always seem to turn unique people into sideshow freaks.
Christmas presents for the in-laws.
I've never been so thankful for short hair.