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I think I may have dated one of these wily bastards...

Alitta Virens

Nereis Pelagica

Alitta Virens - Full Body

Easily the most magical and amazing thing I have seen in some time.

Mandatory viewing.

I can't sleep. Again.

But I found this, and it makes it totally worth it.

Faith in Humanity Restored

I saw this last week, and I'm still laughing at it....

Makes me want to cry every time I look at this photo :(

Crazy-cool experiment highlighting just how clever crows really are - and - just how alliterative I am, coincidentally.

That is seriously one amazing dog.

I will never understand how anyone could have the capacity to hurt an animal, let alone torture it to death. And a dog? Dogs do nothing but love you, who can hurt a dog?

I hate people.
That's one awesome Dad.

But tragically - yet again - another beautiful wild animal killed for being a wild animal.

Let me see - we have a bunch of people who are apparently dedicated to studying wild Grizzlies.

So one day, after they fuck with this particular wild Grizzly: shoot it, drug it, poke and prod it - the poor bear wakes up sore, scared and confused - and covered in human stank. He follows the scent of the evil thing that did this to him, and righteously metes out some punishment.

If I was the Grizzly, I'd probably want to maul the first person I saw who shot, drugged and violated me, too.

We then kill the Grizzly for being a Grizzly. We kill him for attacking the guy who says he is trying to save the Grizzlies.
We kill him for rightfully lashing out at an obvious fucking moron, who is probably going to die from old age within a year, anyway.

I fucking hate these types of stories.
It's got Sylvia Plath all over it.
Farewell to the Alaotra Grebe, who is now tragically extinct.

"The Alaotra Grebe, a small diving bird native to Madagascar has been officially classified extinct, according to a leading bird conservation organization.

BirdLife International reported that the species, once found on Lake Alaotra, the largest lake in Madagascar, declined rapidly due to carnivorous fish being introduced to the lake and the use of nylon gill nets by local fishermen."

I am a mess - that was so very beautiful and so very sad.

I would never be able to leave.

Amazing electron microscopic images of a butterfly's wing. Magnifications are 50x, 200x, and 1000x.


This is the heavily sclerotized head shield of a Cephalotes varians turtle ant. Ants in this mostly Neotropical genus inhabit pre-existing cavities in trees and branches, a limiting resource that spurs intense competition among colonies of various tree-dwelling species. Workers come in two size classes: small and relatively lithe, and tank-like with a dinner plate for a head.


Turtle ants aren't fighters. Rather, they're all about defense. If a colony gets hold of an old beetle burrow, the heavily armored majors will plug the entrance with their head shield and sit tight, budging only to let their nestmates pass. They are literally living doors.


If you think that's an iguana as the file name suggests, you should take it home as a pet.

Things I didn't know about Octopii:

~ Octopuses have a relatively short life expectancy, and some species live for as little as six months. Larger species, such as the North Pacific Giant Octopus, may live for up to five years under suitable circumstances. However, reproduction is a cause of death: males can only live for a few months after mating, and females die shortly after their eggs hatch. They neglect to eat during the (roughly) one month period spent taking care of their unhatched eggs, but they don't die of starvation. Endocrine secretions from the two optic glands are the cause of genetically-programmed death (and if these glands are surgically removed, the octopus may live many months beyond reproduction, until she finally starves).

~Octopuses have three hearts. Two pump blood through each of the two gills, while the third pumps blood through the body. Octopus blood contains the copper-rich protein hemocyanin for transporting oxygen.

This is bizarre.

Half of me is really upset about what's happening to these poor bears...

And then the other half of me is completely creeped out because they look like werewolves.


The fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) (pronounced /ˈfuːsə/[2][3] or /ˈfɒsə/) is a mammal endemic to Madagascar. A member of family Eupleridae, it is closely related to the mongoose. It is the largest mammalian carnivore on the island of Madagascar.
I had to thumb this up because I am the first, but don't think I am ok with this:

Acrylic nails for your fucking cat?

I hate people.

When I read the title, I'll admit to expecting something more sinister...

As sorry as I am for that man's family,

I will never understand why people kill animals for being themselves.
That tiger didn't do anything abhorrent. It did what Tigers do.

Our arrogance makes me sick at times.

Elephant Butterfly prepares for Barnum & Bailey Ringling Brothers Circus Parade. Chicago, 1947.

You must watch the mating video - it is hilarious.
Oh my good god. How can you say no to that?

Hate the site on principle. But I'm all over the platypi.

One of the best sites I've come across in some time.

Look, McTaffy, look!!
Oh dear god. Nightmare fodder for ya. I got bitten by 'one' of these, and I am not recommending it.

And this, my fellow Narwhal fans, is a macro shot of a Narwhal's tusk jobbie.

I hope my mother wasn't lying. Because I want the wind to change, and his face to stay that way.

I frickin' LOVE this photo.

It's true. The bird is cool.
I know, I know - it's the second animal movie montage that I've tagged - it's late, and I have no other real excuse for liking this cheesy, but hilarious, set of clips. Once again, terrible music.
Some pretty hilarious animal clips. The music is terribly done, but overall it's a good time waster.