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Kenneth Millar, circa 1973.

"When Ross Macdonald died on July 11, 1983, America lost
not only a master of mystery fiction, but also one of its
finest writers. The Moving Target, The
Galton Case
, and The Goodbye Look became
bestsellers because they transcended the genre of
who-dunit to become why-dunits. Their hero, private
detective Lew Archer, does much more than track down the
killer; he also penetrates the mystery of human lives, in
which riddles are buried in victim and murderer alike. It
was for this extra dimension that Ross Macdonald
ultimately won the critical acclaim that now ranks him
with Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler as a major
figure in twentieth century American letters."

I ws fortunate enough to have a boyfriend, years ago, who had all of Ross MacDonald's books. That was in another time and another country and when I got back to the UK for a brief spell, I couldn't get my Lew Archer fix. No RM books to be found.

Thank fuck for Amazon.