Metal-Tiger Doublestar

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Fantastic wallpaper site , but can't hotlink images .

Wildly talented photographer ! 100's of other high quality images for your pleasure .

If anyone can identify what location this is , please message me .

The Stanserhorn is a mountain in Switzerland, located in the canton of Nidwalden near to the border with Obwalden, with the peak at 1,898 metres above sea level. ~ Wikipedia

This site doesn't seem to like to be "photo blogged" ; ) Great pic.s though !

The Monastery of Tatev is located in Armenia

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, USA

site has several other interesting images

Lots of other high quality images on the site .

I've never found anything to really like about palm trees , but I'm cool with the occasional photo of them ; )

An X-ray showing a spear that has pierced through the head of 16-year-old Yasser Lopez is seen in this handout photo from Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida provided to ******* June 19, 2012. Lopez was spear fishing with a friend when he was accidentally shot in the head. The spear entered just above his right eye, and penetrated through his brain to the back of his skull. Miraculously, no vital brain structures were damaged by the harpoon, and Lopez is now recovering from the incident. *******/Jackson Memorial Hospital/Handout

Lots of other interesting images on this site .

Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya, is a waterfall in southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

An Anhinga surfaces with a bluegill sunfish. The predator and prey are eye-to-eye. The anhinga typically spears its prey with that long sharp beak. However, In this photo, you can see that the anhinga did not have a good hold on the fish and it actually shook itself free to swim for another day. As the fish fell back in to the water, it reminded me of my chopstick misadventures.

Link shared to me by our good friend redneckdriver . Quite a lot of quality wallpaper images .

Language is Polish , but lots of high quality images . ; )

Interesting way this site works . . fast and no problems .

The site has lots of images , but is a bit quirky to navigate . It doesn't seem to like my ad blocking software . ; )

I think I'm going to hike down to the waterfall . ;/)
The site has lots of images and operates fairly well .

The best closeups of exotic fish I've ever seen . . Check it out .

Nice rock ! The site is in some Asian language , but fairly easy to navigate .

Site works great and is loaded with high quality images .

This site operates very smoothly / arrow key presents next page .

Of course - lots of other great wallpaper images on the site .

book covers as wallpaper (several more to view)
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