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She sells seashells by the seashore.

Those damn seagulls wake me up every morning (usually around 5 am)........!
A link to some lovely photos of my home town

Set of Victorian nursery rhyme themed playing cards.

Conduit Court, Skipton Castle, Yorkshire

The yew tree was planted as a sapling by Lady Anne Clifford in 1659. Conduit Court was so named because it was the termination of the spring supply piped to the castle.

I have visited this castle on many occasions and sat under this tree, my first visit many years back was an organised school trip, and then later with my husband and again with my children......... A lovely Castle to look around and enjoy.

In Japan, the moon overlapping with the top of Fuji is called Pearl Fuji (in the case where the sun overlaps with the top of Fuji, the phenomenon is called Diamond Fuji). Pearl Fuji reflected in the water is called Double Pearl Fuji.

This is my new car sitting in the showroom......(I pick it up tomorrow) ;-))))))))))))))

My weather.................!

A Pam Cockatoo chick, hatched at the Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic! His or her mother thinks he or she is beautiful! :)

The Smallest House in Great Britain, also known as the Quay House, is a tourist attraction on the quay in Conwy, Wales. The house, which has a floor area of 3.05 metre by 1.8 metre (10 feet by 6 feet) and a height of 10 feet 2 inches, was used as a residence from the 16th century until 1900; as its name indicates, it is reputed to be Britain's smallest house. This house is currently red, the upstairs is so minute that there is room only for one bed and a bedside cabinet. Visitors are unable to go upstairs to the first floor, due to structural instability, but can view it from the step ladder.

Last week we had the air show, and these kept flying over my house

View to Arran, through the doorway of the ancient St Brendan’s chapel ruin at Skipness, Kintyre, Scotland

Pinched from burlm47 and ComfortablyNumb Thanks xx

Good Bye Old Friend: Elephants are legendary for their memory and intelligence including attributes associated with grief, making music, altruism and compassion. We came across this elephant whose corpse was overcome by vultures and jackals. From a distance we heard and then saw another elephant approaching at a fast pace. She was successful at chasing away the predators and then very slowly and with much empathy wrapped her trunk around the deceased elephants tusk. She stayed in this position for several hours guarding her friend.

Go to jail, go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200.

Can you touch your nose with your tongue ????

If I just s-t-r-e-t-c-h a little bit more..............

Loket Castle, because of its thick walls, it is one of the oldest and most valuable historical stone castles in the Czech Republic.

I'm in the middle of a historical murder at the moment ;-))

This really doesn’t help to promote the whole idea of mud baths being a beauty treatment!

A bald guinea pig looks like a baby hippo................!

Thanks jazzyjava....took me a while to spot him x

Tintagel Castle Cornwall, I visited here last year and walked through this door ;-))

This is a manul, or pallas cat. Found in the Afghan mountains, they’re one of the oldest pure-blood cousins of our own moggies. (They look like fat balls of rage)

(pinched from Rena's Facebook page) Thank you retrit xx

Conduit Court, Skipton Castle, (a lovely Castle and well worth a visit)

The yew tree was planted as a sapling by Lady Anne Clifford in 1659.

The Crooked House of Windsor, England dates back to 1592, Through the centuries, it has been the home to various businesses, including a brewery and jewelry shop. It is now a restaurant.

Round tower, Glendalough, Ireland

I think you have a little bit of food on your chin.......!!

The surfin bird ......

This is how baby giraffes sleep.
Adult giraffes are even stranger. They sleep very little - it's estimated that they sleep just half an hour to an hour every day, in short five minute naps through the night. During sleep they rest their neck on their hind legs but usually remain standing.

what the hell am i supposed to do with all this snow

Just eat it............


And then we have the real firefighters......."I think you might need a bit more water on that" !!! (Mr Hoppy and Co in action)

I actually spend quite a lot of time in graveyards!!!........due to my other main hobby being genealogy

Peanut butter and jam sandwich (my weakness)

.......OMG, hold me back..!!!

Yesterday I went for a walk along a disused railway track......and took a photo ;-))

feel-o-meter smiley face reflects city mood... ;-)))

Old Fire Station in Singleton close to where I live, was built abt 1803 (no longer in use)

Quite breathtaking isn't it, Thank you Burleigh ;-))

Illuminations tram, heavily disguised as a train

That's one mucky pup....lol

Cool Chick... ;-))

Tower in the sea fog ................I know this place very well...lol

I took this photo yesterday, whilst walking along a canal near my home, in the rain...(yes I got wet)..lol

I am so guilty of this....earphones in and switch off to the rest of the house...lol

I went for a lovely country walk last week and took this photo ;-))

I know a lot of firemen.......and sadly they don't all look like this....lol

Sunset, Atherton, England ...... (Manchester) not too far away from me ;-))

Me and my friend...!!


A couple of weeks ago I was standing in this exact same spot.......

A new car for Benni???.....(don't think I would get my legs in this)..lol

So.....money does grow on tree's................Apparently in several wooded areas around the UK, passersby have been stopping for decades (if not centuries), meticulously hammering small denomination coins intro trees. Most of the trees seem to be in and around Cumbria and Portmeirion, and I didn’t find a single example of a tree like this located outside the UK. According to this recent article by the BBC, the practice might date back to the early 1700s in Scotland where ill people stuck florins into trees with the idea that the tree would take away their sickness.

And yes I have seen one of these money trees, there is one at Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales ;-))

You know your having a bad day ...................when this happens..!!

“Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” ~Joseph Campbell

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your handsome prince

A different Perspective of a classic London landmark Big Ben

Swan lake: Early morning mist hovering over the water lends a mysterious feel to this scene in London's Richmond Park

Who couldn't love him :-))

Swan glide along the flooded riverside walkways in the shadow of the cathedral in Worcester...and the UK is in the middle of a drought.!!

A Promise of Love at the Moon Bridge

Japanese Tea Garden
San Francisco, CA

Waterfall Arch, Corby Castle, Lake District, England

What is it......!!

The cutest photobomb EVER? Moment sloth gatecrashes jungle camp holiday snap

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2122103/Sloth-photobombs-photo-Cute-animal-gatecrashes-jungle-holiday-picture-Costa-Rica.html#ixzz1qmd7PhCE

Oh! It’s only a kitty ….

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

These two are quite adorable...:-))

These two are far too cute to be up to any mischief......

There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse.
And they all lived together in a little crooked house

I have no idea where this is......but would just love to explore

I am sure my handwriting would be much improved if I had one of these...!

The wheel of fortune spins round and round, a cycle of ups and downs depending on your position on the wheel...............

Blown glass, diamond cut and etched: Vessels by lois scott

The Celtic Heart ~ ♥

The beach near my home, I love the sea and all it's moods.........and from time to time we get the occasional shipwreck

Take a drive somewhere nice...................

We should all have a little bit of magic in our lives....

I love writing with these pens

Pinched from YPoQueNo, thank you xxx

There's a few on my street like this.......lol

Borrowed from regtf1948, thank you x

Pinched from Rena ...quite beautiful, thank you xx

Another one pinched from Cathy's lovely pages xxx

This is the building known as 'The Treasury' from Petra, Jordan. It featured in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Many thanks to MacWhirr for the lovely photograph